DIY: Christmas Cards (& Other Embarrassingly Easy Things)

November 14, 2011

I made some Christmas cards this week. Not because of my love of crafting (I only own kitchen scissors) but because of my slight obsession with stationary.

I found the idea on Pinterest (twist!) and then begged my sister-in-law Zoe to help me.


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She agreed, but only if I took some pictures of her kids. Too bad it was windy, cold, and all of them turned out like this (or worse):

But she agreed to help me anyway, and when all the kids were down for a nap–we began.

Two hours later and I only had five cards, proof that I am craft-challenged. At one point Zoe said, ever so sweetly, “Maybe crafting just isn’t your gift. You’re creative in other ways…”

A nice way of saying girl, you’re done.

So I made five cards which means I will probably just keep them for myself because I am a hoarder.

I’m not going to write out the instructions on how to make these cards because I don’t want to insult your intelligence. The pictures explain it all. And even if they don’t, I’m probably not the best one to ask. I had to have help with the scissors (note the very terrible circles at the end).

Good luck.


30 thoughts on “DIY: Christmas Cards (& Other Embarrassingly Easy Things)

  1. Viv

    I’m listening to your mixed tape while making a grocery list and adding your pumpkin muffin recipe ingredients to it. Motley Mama is up in this house!

  2. Erin

    Every year I want to make homemade Christmas cards. But then I’m think, “Am I really going to make 30 of ANYTHING?” And the answer to that is no.

    You may make easy muffins and basic crafts, but your kid is all kinds of awesome. So focus on that.

  3. Dara

    Those are cute! And they look better than what mine would look like if I tried. I am also not crafty, I hate cooking and am pretty much not the typical housewife :P Those muffins look fun to make–the ones I generally make come in a bag from Duncan Hines :P

  4. Bec

    little man in the sweater vest has the cutest/funniest expression!
    pumpkin muffins look great…must make them this week.

  5. Nat

    Just so you all know – Kate brought these muffins to a family get-together where my son and daughter begged me to eat them all day long. They were awesome!! (I was impressed they were mini-muffins… that seems like a lot of work to me – especially w/o papers!) And I love the cards too.

  6. Ashley

    Nice post you have. I like your ideas especially on Christmas cards. I’m also not also crafty but I think I can make that one, it looks easy and fun to do :)
    .BTW, thanks for sharing :)

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