End Of The Week Snacks (1.13.12)

January 13, 2012



So I’ve got good news and bad news.

I always want the bad news first, so I’m just going to lay it out there:

I lost my driver’s license.

After randomly getting two tickets in one month after years of being ticket free–they suspended my license until I take an all day class on how to not be an idiot driver.

In my defense, I don’t deserve either of the tickets. But if you’re like every other person I tell the stories to, you’ll just roll your eyes. So why don’t you just go ahead and roll your eyes and I’ll  skip the stories for a more sympathetic soul.



The good news is that my dad found 700 dollars worth of savings bonds for me and now I can do really awesome things like buy a rug, go to the dentist, and pay for a class to get my driver’s license back.

Okay, so the good news isn’t really that great.


Recently Pinned

(Thanks Candis)


Recently Eaten

Nutella French Toast

Two pieces of bread, lots of nutella in the middle, soaked in the usual (milk, egg, vanilla, cinnamon…you know the drill).

My question is, what was I doing before?

Wasting time. Wasting bread. Wasting breakfast.

It is heaven in my mouth.


Recently Admired

So this is old news, but Momastery is, by far, one of my favorite blogs.

If you aren’t already reading her, you should be.

Lately she’s been posting fan favorites in response to her blog going viral.

Read an oldie but a goodie (below) and be impressed, moved, and maybe inspired.

She’s good, really good.

Read: Unwind


Recently Challenged

Yesterday I was all LOOK AT ME, I’m going to do something.

It was fun and a bunch of you responded in the comments or by email saying you’d like to join.

Stay tuned next week for more details.

I’m still excited about it, though I did have a hard time falling asleep last night worrying about a few of those things. It’s not just the hair.


Recently Cried Over

First of all, this isn’t sad.

It’s not even that great of a video.

And when Baby Daddy walked in on me crying over it yesterday, I felt like the world’s largest sap (not a good thing in this house).

I just love flash mobs. I know it’s cliche. I don’t care.



Recently Boring You To Death

Just an FYI: If you’re ever wondering if a picture on this blog is mine or borrowed…hover over it.

If It Says: Click Image For Source, you know what to do.

If It Says: Property of www.kbaer.com, than it’s mine.

Borrow with care.


Recently Wanted

Waylon needs a little buddy like this someday.

He does NOT need this buddy (shudder).


And finally, our Friday Funnies From The Internets

What Justin Timberlake’s Engagement Means For You (Thanks Amanda)

Best Of Craigslist: Yoga Mat (Thanks Carlie)


Happy Friday


14 thoughts on “End Of The Week Snacks (1.13.12)

  1. Vanessa Jubis

    Oh NO!! :( I believe you! ;) Funny enough, there was a recent article that ‘proves’ women are BETTER drivers than men. Ha!

    Happy Friday (13th)! I’m not superstitious but its fun to pretend ;)


  2. Ali

    Kate- I have got to stop looking at your blog while at work. People are starting to get pissed that I’m laughing so hard at my desk. Jealous.
    I also wanted to share that I love flash mobs too. I recently just caught up on Howie Mandel’s new tv show, Mobbed. You have to check it out if you haven’t seen it.
    Congrats on the savings bond find! Sorry about the license.

  3. Fay

    I don’t want the pig or the big lizard. I do really love these Friday posts though.

    Love Momastary! Thanks for finding her for me :)

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