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March 8, 2012

It’s no secret that I’m a nostalgia hoarder. I’ve mentioned it about five billion times before but here I am mentioning it again because lately, I can’t stop. A few months ago, my sister and I went up to our parent’s attic to go through our old toys. We threw away maybe 1%. The rest we neatly packaged back into their proper containers and said “until next time.”

You see, my sister and I were not reckless, destructive children. We treasured our toys and treated them like they were alive. We never put our barbies in the mud or cut our doll’s hair, that would be mean. We were not mean to our toys, just to each other.

I even brought a few toys home, just a few extra special treasures that had gotten lost in the recesses of my mind and made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

The buck doesn’t stop there. In addition to hoarding all old toy memorabilia (including old tubes of lipsmaker’s chapstick), I also have things like my first grade valentines and a small treasure chest of my baby teeth. You may be thinking, “Gross, baby teeth.” I agree, the teeth totally gross me out. They are brown around the edges and some even have parts of my gums still attached (shudder). But what am I supposed to do with them? Throw them out? Throwing out my baby teeth seems wrong (and a bit horrifying). I told my friend Elizabeth about it and she made some remark about not wanting to be the one holding the garbage bag when it rips and a handful of baby teeth fall out. That was funny.

To further my obsession with remembering the 90s, I am a frequenter of the blog appropriately named “I’m Remembering” and an avid follower of The 90s Life on Twitter. Here are a few gems I’ve found through their archives (click image for source).

Parachute (AKA: Best Day of Gym Class)

No idea what this is called.


Ring Pops!

Cash Register.



Fashion Plates (totally had this).

Cookie Counter!

Mom never let us have Gak, but we got a hold of some anyway.

PJ Sparkle. Best Christmas gift ever.

Sit And Spin!

Beauty and the Beast Handheld and Pregnant Kitty.

FYI: I could go on for days.

I only hope Waylon is as fond of his childhood as I am (but maybe without the baby teeth).

Are you a nostalgia hoarder? Do you have your baby teeth? I know I’m not alone.


38 thoughts on “Nostalgia Hoarder

  1. Erika

    That silver toy is called pin art. Funny enough we use it in our test kit for assessing for autism…go figure right?! I swear I held onto my teeth….but in 2nd grade we were also asked to bring them into the class and do an experiment where we would soak them in juice to see how bad it was for our teeth – gross. My husbands toy collection looks much like yours but for boys – micro machines, smurfs, transformers, etc…

  2. Bethany Smith

    I wanted that PJ Sparkle so badly that I wrote Santa a 3 page letter about it. She came on my birthday a few months after Christmas. I cried!

  3. H

    I am usually just a lurker reader and don’t comment (I know bloggers hate that) but I HAVE TO COMMENT TODAY because holy pregnant cat, I totally had that thing. And a dog that had puppies? Is that in my memory somewhere? I also loved parachute day, my talkboy, yakbak, and popple.

    I will now spend the remainder of my (work) day on


  4. Hilary

    Wow, I totally forgot about Fashion Plates! Those things were amazing. I also am a lurker, and have been loving your blog the past month or so. I found it through Rachel’s blog, and I keep reading…you’re a great writer and I really enjoy your posts. However, you do make me feel really jealous with your awesomely edited videos of Waylon highlights. My third babe is two months older than Waylon and he sadly doesn’t have much archiving of his babyhood. Anyhow, love your posts!

  5. Dara

    Oh my goodness I have (or had) most of the toys you showed on here!

    I still have my viewfinder complete with my FAVORITE Jem discs. I still have PJ Sparkles. I had that pink glo-in-the-dark bunny. My sis had the cash register and sit and spin. I also had those fashion plates too but I completely forgot about them! And my sis and I had a bunch of those pregnant animals…we even made a fictional town with them as the main characters :P Do you remember the kitties that “purred”? I still have those too.

    One of the best things I still have is an old Fisher Price record player with all sorts of records. I already plan on bringing it out and showing my son when he’s old enough. He’ll be the only kid his age who actually knows what a record player is :P

  6. Aunt Becky

    At least your Mom kept your teeth separate, unlike my mother who put all four of us kids’ teeth in one box.

  7. Suz

    whoa, that gym picture could be pvcs. i know it’s not, but it really took me back there. blue mats velcroed to the walls and everything.

  8. Katie

    You are not alone. (Well maybe on the teeth part…) I just retrieved my PJ Sparkle from my parents house last Christmas. That thing was awesome!! I remember right after I got her, my neighbor used up all her batteries and I had never been so mad. Worst day in the life of a 5 year old.

    Loved this post. Now I’m curious what why mom did with all my baby teeth…

    1. Kate {motleymama} Post author

      The thing is, PJ Sparkle wasn’t even a very snugly doll toy… and yet I loved her so.

      I hope you have forgiven that neighbor friend all these years later. I would have been peeved with a capital P.

  9. Beth Ann

    OMG! I was nodding my head “yes!” to each picture….and the pregnant kitty…WOW…I’m pretty sure I had one of those but I would have NEVER REMEMBERED IT EVER AGAIN if I hadn’t seen that picture! LOVE!

  10. Lindsay Merrill

    Yeah I’m pretty sure that I had about half the stuff in those pictures, and my mom still has it packed away in her house for when I have kids. :) I still totally have my WISDOM teeth because they were gnarly and in shattered pieces and I totally had to keep them.

  11. Bridget Hunt

    orbitz! what ever happened to that?!?

    parachute day WAS the best day. good call.

    steve and i were laying in bed the other night talking about old shows. even though we’re not from the same generation (yes! didn’t you know?!) we were mentioning a lot of the same ones: growing pains, who’s the boss, alf… it was funny.

  12. margo

    I LOVED fashion plates!!! I still have mine somewhere and I so badly want to give them to my daughter because she will love them too. And then I can sit there with her and do some more :)

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