End Of The Week Snacks (4.6.12)

April 6, 2012


Recently Easter

Easter is my favorite holiday, bar none. Something about the weather, the hymns, the chocolate peanut butter eggs.

Also, who can resist the Easter dress? Obviously not me, or my little sister, or my crazy 80s hair mom.


Recently Exciting

My sister in-law, Zoe, had her baby last night.

As she is the only one of my “siblings” making babies, her kids have the honor of having me as the aunt who can’t stop kissing them. I just love being an aunt. Zoe went into labor last night and had the baby an hour and a half later (third babies will do that). When she called, she sounded like she had just finished baking a fresh batch of cookies. I tried not to hate her.

If you’re wondering, they didn’t know who or what would pop out of there and it’s a boy. A beautiful baby boy I can’t wait to visit this afternoon. More details on his glory later, when they’ve had a chance to talk to everyone. I’m just so in love already.


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When twin sisters Kian and Remee Hodgson were born, there was a one-in-a-million chance that one girl would inherit all-white genes and the other all-black genes from their mixed-race parents. Seven years later, they look remarkably alike despite their different skin colors. “They don’t notice the color thing, not at all,” says mom Kylee. “They don’t see what everyone else sees.” {Source}


Recently Uplifted

Yesterday I wrote a post about my baby boy’s hands getting burned.

Your comments were so encouraging, I nearly cried. Thank you, really.


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Recently Quizzed

My girl Suzie sent me this quiz last week.

Which Downton Character Are You?

Take The Quiz Here

I’m Sybil. I was worried I’d be Daisy.


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Chocolate Peanut Butter Buckeye Cake

Pinterest: Where Diets Go To Die


Recently Reading

I don’t think she can top Operating Instructions, but I’m enjoying this (semi) sequel. Favorite quote so far:

“I’ve always thought I could use my brain and my heart to jockey everyone around to the good. But life is not jockeyable. When you try, you make people infinitely crazier than they already were, including or especially yourself.”


And finally, our Friday Funnies From The Internets

5 Ways Draw Something Is Ruining My Life

10 Lies Disney Told Me

Downton, Explained (Thanks Elizabeth)


I just Want To Roll Around In Cadbury Creme Eggs Until I Drown


24 thoughts on “End Of The Week Snacks (4.6.12)

  1. Dara

    LOL I took that Downton Abbey Quiz and I was the Earl of Grantham :P

    ” Honest and old-fashioned, you’re primarily motivated by honor and duty. You’re so honorable, you’re actually willing to let a virtual stranger inherit all your worldly goods rather than risk breaking up your family’s legacy. Some people might call you a stick in the mud, but you can be extremely generous and forgiving toward those you feel have earned your loyalty.”

    Funny thing is, after reading the description, it’s not *that* far off from me.

    Not sure how I feel about that :P

  2. Suz

    I was lady sybil too, which of course i was please with. she’s my fav. then kyle took it and he was mr bates, so i took it again trying to get anna because i thought that would be cute, it didn’t work.

  3. Anonymous

    Congrats on being an aunt (again). How exciting! I love fresh babies. Waylon is as sweet as ever I that shopping cart! -Bec


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