End Of The Week Snacks {7.6.12}

July 6, 2012


Recently Coldplay

One word: Epic.

When they first came out, I just about lost my breath. They played everything I wanted to hear and I probably cried ten times.

I didn’t take my phone out during the concert (thanks Jake for the picture) but I did notice that everyone younger than me had them out the entire time. I felt sorry for them. I wanted to say, “you’re missing it!” But I was too busy singing and dancing with the 40 year old woman in front of me. To quote my bff Carrie who was also there, “The best is when 20,000 people each have blinking colored wrist bands which make the arena look like a galaxy and are all singing the words to all the songs and Chris Martin is laying on his back on the stage just listening to his fans sing is all choked up and pounding his heart with his fist like it was his very first concert ever.”

Thanks Coldplay, you rocked my world.


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Recently Swimming

I found this a few weeks ago on Pinterest and I’m here to tell you it works.

Waylon is loving the water, and while he’s not doing laps yet–he is gradually getting better and being independent in the pool. Pretty amazing.

Read—> How To Teach Your Baby To Swim


Recently On YouTube

Speaking of swimming, I love this (but you knew I would).

Note the baby swimming on her back!


Recently An Open Letter

An Open Letter To All Parents From A Non Parent

You’re gonna have to read this.

“When I have a baby, I hope we get to hang out more. Maybe you can wipe my crotch for me before he cracks his head on the bathroom tile. Maybe I will have a chance to make you a cup of tea before she spills it all over the floor. Let’s smell the top of their heads together. And we won’t care what our childless friends think of us because we both know that we know nothing now. We have nothing left to prove. And that is such a relief.”

{Thanks Heather!}


Recently A Good Laugh

You probably already saw it in one form or another.

Pregnancy Advice Column

I forget where it originated, but I believe these are frequently asked questions/google searches answered by some pretty funny responses.

{Thanks Bethany}


Recently Pinned

Upcylced magnets from old puzzle pieces.



Recently Read

To sum it up: Don’t spoil your kids.

B for Beach Read (but also sometimes B for Boring).


Recently Anticipating

We’re only weeks away from the 2012 Summer Olympics

Are you as excited as I am?

I grew up glued to the TV during the Olympics. The suspense, the drama, the heartache! I’m pretty sure I still have a poster of Nancy Kerrigan in the attic somewhere.


And finally, our Friday Funnies from the Internets

Bush and Clinton Lip Reading (I’m a sucker for these things)

Brad Pitt’s Brother

{Thanks Dad}

Happy Friday



7 thoughts on “End Of The Week Snacks {7.6.12}

  1. Dara

    I’d like to look at that Teach Your Baby to swim thing…all we have is a kiddie pool though. There’s a local pool but we haven’t been yet. I’d like to go when it stops being 100 degrees.

    Also I think the link you put on that takes you to the open letter to all parents page.

  2. Ciara

    I watched the water video 3 times :)
    I hope this isn’t over-familiar but it definitely seems like you love water as much as me and I thought you might think this is awesome Plitvice . I am trying to figure out ways to squeeze it into our very tight holiday budget

  3. Megan

    Glad Coldplay was everything you wanted it to be. I would have felt awful if it turned out to be lackluster. Also thanks for the Bringing up Bebe summary, I may now push it down on my must read list. Currently reading “We need to talk about Kevin”, no need to say anything else about that.

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