End Of The Week Snacks {1.4.13}

January 4, 2013


Recently Les Mis

I saw Les Mis last night. This was basically my reaction, too.

I cried a lot. It was incredible.

(Thanks Katie for the link)


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Recently 2013

Remember the 2012 project? One goal each month to help stay accountable to the possibility of a great year. It was fun. You can read about it here.


Then this week I got word of a handful of fellow bloggers and friends who are trying it out for 2013. It makes my heart full. You can read their stories below.

Dancing In The Dark

E Tells Tales

Life Of A Scott

Girly Notes

Erika Eagle (Coming Soon)


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Joy To You by Josh Ritter


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IPHONETo My 13-Year-Old, An iPhone Contract From Your Mom, With Love

Read this.

(Thanks Liza)


Recently From The Womb

This heartwarming photo of a baby grabbing a doctor’s finger while still inside the mother’s womb has gone viral.


I love it. More on the story here.


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Connecting Broadly Won’t Replace the Importance of Connecting Deeply.  “We can choose when we use technology, and we can choose when to turn it off. We can also choose when to focus our attention on the things that are deeply important—truly being present with people we love.” (Thanks Liza)

The Truth About Reality TV on NPR. This podcast blew my mind.

But what about the men? On masculinity and mass shootings by Meghan Murphy on Rabble. “’Caring, compassion, and empathy aren’t innately feminine characteristics. Those are human characteristics,’ Katz says. Yet men learn the opposite. They learn to shut up and take it like a man. They also learn that they are entitled to certain things in this world: financial success, access to women, power – when they can’t acquire these things, what happens? Well, sometimes, apparently, they seethe. And without any other tools to deal with their anger and resentment, some men resort to violence.”   (Thanks Suzie)


Recently A Flash Mob

Les Mis flash mob?

(Thanks Liza)


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One Year Ago

Waylon: 6 Month Stats

Top Tens of 2011


My Bucket List


And finally, our Friday Funnies from the Internets 

Top Ten Most Common New Years Resolutions As Illustrated By Cats



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Top Ryan Gosling Moments Of The Year

(Thanks Bonnie)

Happy Friday


14 thoughts on “End Of The Week Snacks {1.4.13}

  1. Danielle

    I couldn’t stop laughing when the dad said that he’d been to family funerals and cried less. LOL

    I jumped on the 2013 project bandwagon yesterday :) I was so inspired by everything you did in 2012, the big and the small.

    And that picture of the baby holding the doctors hand! My heart.

  2. Pat Walsh

    Loved the people crying after seeing Les Mis. I thought I cried a lot because I’m taking the steroid, prednisone! Also, thanks for the wedding party singing ‘One Day More’. I had to share that video. I just loved the way the singers and the “listeners” both were so enthusiastic about the music. That’s exactly how I feel whenever I hear that song, as well as many of the other Les Mis music.

  3. Sarah

    Thank you so much for linking to me, and all the others who borrowed your awesome idea! I loved making the rounds and reading all the goals. And that picture of Waylone? Oh, my heart. Also, my house will never be that clean. Jealous.

  4. kit

    Thanks for linking to me. You and your good ideas :) I love the look that Waylon is giving you…like the pants just fell down on their own.

  5. Margo, Thrift at Home

    and to think I was sorry this evening that we don’t have a TV. I am going to go find a TV on Sunday to watch Downton Abbey. I already knew those reality shows were dumb, but oh my GORSH I didn’t know how dumb! Thanks for the snack :)

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  7. Erin

    Omg, that Les Mes viewing clip is killing me this week. And the Ryan G bit! Hilarious!

    And I joined the 2013 project bandwagon as well! A good thing for those of us with short attention spans and multiple ambitions for the new year I think.

    I’ve been privately trying to be nicer (less outwardly annoyed with hubs when he is being annoying) this month as well. Three times this week he has responded to kind email words from me with “are you being serious or sarcastic?” Maybe I need to alter my method.


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