End Of The Week Snacks {1.11.13}

January 11, 2013


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Our boy is tongue tied.

tounge tie

We first noticed it this past summer and have since followed up with our doctor and a specialist. The consensus is it’s no big deal and that surgery is no big deal. But it’s my baby being put under anesthesia and sliced so I get to say if it’s a big deal or not (it’s a big deal). Long story short, surgery is scheduled at the beginning of February. If anyone has had any experience with this issue, I’d love to hear about it.


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“Mom, I’m Fat:” One Mother’s Inspired Response to Her 7 Year Old  by Janell Hofmann.  “On this night, I have no idea if I have succeeded.  I’m not sure if what I said and did had an impact, if I fixed anything, or even if I changed her mind.  But I do know that I must continue to infuse myself and my children with bold confidence.  I must check in, ask questions, take the time.  I must build and undo.”

Why HBO’s hit show Girls resonates by Frazier Moore on Huffington Post. “This time period has been written about before, but in a very glossy way,” says Mamet in a determined near-whisper. “People idealize or reminisce about their 20s, but nobody tells you beforehand that it’s hard and unglamorous and often very unpleasant. What Lena has written reveals that, and it speaks to a lot of people.” Did you watch the first season?

Top Ten Tina and Amy Moments via People.com. Will you be watching this Sunday?


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For the past three years, YouTuber iiGethii took a picture of herself everyday to document her transition from a man to a woman. This is the mind-blowing result.


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35 thoughts on “End Of The Week Snacks {1.11.13}

  1. Hannah

    So sorry about the surgery… of course it’s a big deal. I don’t have any experience but I hope it all goes well for you.

  2. Fran

    I read something recently about how a lot of 20-somethings love that Girls is more accurate to how tumultuous life is at that age, but at times is more unnerving because it hits too close to home. On the flip side, the older generations that have already lived through it enjoy it more. I could see that.

    Sunday. Golden Globes. I can’t even. I mean, I was just happy it wasn’t Ricky Gervais, not because he wasn’t funny, but because he made me uncomfortable when I saw how mad everyone there was.

    1. Kate {motleymama} Post author

      Re: Girls —> I like the show, but I agree–it’s unnerving at times.

      Re: GG —> Ricky is so awkward, but I did laugh. Tina and Amy will be better though, even if they say nothing–because the two of them together are the peanut butter to my jelly.

  3. Danielle

    Poor W + poor mama. YES! You are definitely allowed to decide if it’s a big deal. Who else could?

    You made me cry three times and laugh three times. Fair.

  4. Nikki M.

    The love the Dad video’s and ghost driving :-) I wait every Friday for your snacks they make my day! Surgery will go fine, Caleb had a lump removed when he was 11 months. Its scary but all will end well!

  5. A True Life Adventure

    My little sister was tongue tied (so much so that she needed help before she could nurse well)– and it was fine. She still can’t stick her tongue out very far, but that’s not really an important life skill!

  6. nessa braaflat

    Jack was tongue tied. We had it clipped when he was 9 days old in the doctors office with only local anesthesia. I’m sure it was much more traumatic for me than him. He still has a thick frenum on his top lip and it bleeds and bleeds when he falls or hits his mouth. Good luck with Waylon. Wish I had some advice for you. Never experienced general anesthesia with my babes. I’d ask my husband to be in the OR if that was possible or even administer the anesthesia. Not sure he would be comfortable with the latter though.

  7. Mary

    Oh, Kate! A baby having surgery IS a big deal, and you are definitely allowed to think so. My Maggie had surgery twice, once when she was five months old and once when she was 11 months old. She was under anesthesia both times, and even though modern medicine blah blah blah, it was still so scary. Especially since you can’t be there in the operating room, making sure that everyone is doing everything right. Everything turned out perfectly fine with us, and I’m sure the same will happen with you. If you’d like to talk more about it, you’re welcome to shoot me an e-mail.

    I loved the “Mom, I’m Fat” article. It nearly brought me to tears, it was beautiful. Also, I’m worriedly anticipating the day that that’s me and one of my daughters.

  8. Ali

    My nephew was tongue-tied. He also couldn’t nurse very well so it was clipped the day after he was born. The Dr. didn’t use anaesthesia and there was one drop of blood! And my nephew only cried a tiny bit. If fact, the Dr. clipped it while he was sitting in the car seat!! But his mother was also tongue-tied and she had hers clipped as an adult. She said it was painful and took a long time to heal. So perhaps the younger the tongue gets clipped the better? It’s probably good that you’re doing it now. Waylon will heal fast no doubt, and everything will be fine.

  9. Shannon

    Behr was severely tongue-tied. So much so, they snipped him at birth while Mark had to hold his head still. And then to stop the bleeding, they told me to breastfeed him. I am sorry that my experience is traumatic and not very helpful.

    In other news, Mark is tongue-tied and doing just fine. In fact, it went unnoticed until we had Behr and the doctor pointed it out.

  10. A

    A very readable, very interesting, very informative, life-changing book to read on a person changing sexes is “She’s Not There: A Life in Two Genders” by Jennifer Finney Boylan. She’s a writer and professor who knew from her childhood as a boy that something was not right. It’s an excellent look into what that feels like and what the journey from there is like.

  11. Monica

    As a new OR nurse (8 weeks in to orientation) I’ve worked with several types of surgery involving kids (major/minor dental/ear/nose/throat), and my experiences “behind the curtain” have all been very positive. The nurses, surgeons, and anesthesiologists who work with little ones have so much experience, typically have kids of their own and try to make everything as least traumatic as possible. One of our anesthesiologists even holds the kids on her lap while she puts them to sleep, and the mask/gas they use smells/tastes like bubble gum :) We let any kind of stuffed animal, blanket, pacifier, etc. back in the room, and keep mom and dad very well informed during the process of pre-op check in, final screening day-of, how long things will take, answering any questions you can think of. (We like questions; don’t ever think asking more is going to slow us down or bother anybody!) Although I have not seen this particular procedure, I know kids are very resilient, and the younger they are the quicker they typically recover. Will be thinking of/praying for WT!

  12. Andrea

    My 8 month old has had surgery twice – the first time at 3 weeks. Scary? Yes. Big deal? Yes. But also, not a big deal. The surgeon who did his first surgery told us he did that particular surgery at least once a week. There were 3 other kids on the floor with the same condition while we were there. So, I think when they say it isn’t a big deal, they mean to reassure you that they know what they’re doing and you should not worry about your little one while he is in their capable hands.
    On the bright side, you probably won’t have the waiting room soundtrack that we did during the emergency surgery – that was the day that a doctor had shot his girlfriend in another hospital in our city, and the newscast that was on in the waiting room kept announcing which hospitals the guy worked at, adding one more each time, until every hospital in the city EXCEPT the one we were in was on lockdown. I should add that the second surgery, which was planned, went super smoothly, and had no drama associated with it. :)

      1. Andrea

        Sorry, after I posted that I realized it might not be super helpful. But really, the surgeons were both great, and I couldn’t say enough good things about the nurses, residents, and other staff. They all were wonderful about making sure we, as parents, were handling things ok.

  13. Monica H.

    Kate… I don’t know anything about motherhood and/or kids but I do eat, live and breathe anesthesia these days and I know its a big deal, but believe me, you have nothing to worry about. Seriously, kids are invincible… As you’ve probably figured out the whole experience will be far more traumatic for you than for W, and the days leading up to surgery are worse than the day itself, it will be over so fast. If he does need to go to sleep, general anesthesia as opposed to local, he will just have to breathe some stinky gas through a mask (if he’s crying its good, he will go to sleep faster) until he goes to sleep and then he will wake up in a few minutes when its all over, no IVs, no needles. Some hospitals let Mom or Dad come back to the OR just until baby goes to sleep and then they have to leave for the actual procedure. If given this option, don’t feel like you have to go back, plenty of Moms decline…. When he wakes up he will probably cry and scream like he’s been tortured but he won’t remember any of it, I promise. I put a 9 month old and a 14 month old to sleep (with parents watching) already this week and they both did great… and I’ve been doing this for barely a year, he’ll be fine. Let me know if I can answer any questions, I’ll be thinking about you!


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