Blog Anniversary: 2 Years

April 18, 2013



Two years ago today I was 30 weeks pregnant, recently unemployed, and very, very confused about blogging.

I thought that if I simply wrote a few things down, posted a youtube video, or made a half-hearted joke on the Internet–people would read it. I didn’t realize that blogging took work. Real, sit down, don’t get distracted by Facebook, honest to God work.

I’ve written about blogging before and what it means to me. Last year I wrote about finding my voice and transitioning from blogger to writer. Not much has changed. If anything, I’ve grown more apathetic to the side of blogging culture that pushes you into doing things you don’t want to do. As always, I’d like to thank my blogging spirit guide Elizabeth for showing me what real blogging is. That girl gets shit done.

If I have any words of advice on the whole Internet business, it’s this: put out what you want to get back. Do you love reading classy fashion posts? Then do classy fashion posts. Do you love hilarious cat memes? Then go buy a tiny top hat and get to work.

Don’t fake it. Don’t write things you wouldn’t want to read. Don’t pretend you don’t care about numbers but then really, really care about numbers. Be yourself. Be original. Don’t expect to get paid.

I love this blog. I love it despite its terrible title and lack of fancy graphic design. I love it because of you, because when I pour out my heart or post a ridiculous picture of Queen Elizabeth, you show up. You read, you comment, you engage, you make me a better writer. Even if you’re one of those who quietly reads behind your work computer or in the middle of a night during another feeding–you’re showing up too.

Thank you.

This blog, these words, those pictures of Queen Elizabeth–they are my love letter to you.

Cheers to another year.


55 thoughts on “Blog Anniversary: 2 Years

  1. Hannah

    I look forward to every single post… no matter what you are writing about. While everybody and their sister starts a blog, yours will always remain one of my absolute favorites!! Cheers to 2 years and the inspiring person you are!

  2. Candis

    Happy Blog Birthday!! I’ve loved every bit. You are a great writer.

    Laughed out loud in the doc waiting room at tiny top hat.

  3. Katie

    This. “put out what you want to get back.”—exactly. That’s how I feel. Love it so much. happy anniversary.

  4. Pat

    Congratulations on your anniversary Kate! Thank you for giving me many chances to laugh, cry and remember what it is like to be a mother of a newborn,and now a toddler. Keep writing and creating.

  5. tamara

    This blog made me look forward to fridays even more cause of the Friday snacks. Thanks for your hard work Kate and happy anivarsary!

  6. Rachael

    “If I have any words of advice on the whole Internet business, it’s this: put out what you want to get back. Do you love reading classy fashion posts? Then do classy fashion posts. Do you love hilarious cat memes? Then go buy a tiny top hat and get to work. Don’t fake it. Don’t write things you wouldn’t want to read.”

    SO TRUE. Faking it = gross. I used to catch myself trying to be profound when I really wasn’t having very profound thoughts. Now I just write from the perspective of my dog. No profoundness necessary = writing is fun again.

  7. Meg G

    Happy Anniversary! Your blog is only one week older than my daughter. So while I was committing pregnancy porn, you were starting this fantastic blog.
    There has not been one post that I have not loved, even if I did not share the same view. You have the gift of writing intelligently and respectfully. I appreciate the research you put into your posts. Do not ever stop writing. Your grace and humility is endearing while your wit and tact make reading each post worthwhile.

  8. Cheryl

    Happy Blogday! For the record, your blog is really easy on the eyes and I thoroughly appreciate that. Annnd I like its name (I have a thing for alliteration). Thanks for sharing your life and writings with us!

  9. Laura

    I only recently started following your blog (maybe a month or two ago?) and it quickly became one of my favorites. I love your writing style and just how relatable you are. I only wish I had started following 2 years ago! Congrats on your anniversary!

  10. Katie G

    I subscribed to your blog because I am your friend. But I’d probably have stopped reading it a long time ago if it wasn’t really awesome. I always love reading it, every single post.

  11. Jess

    I think you are the bee’s knees. (I looked this up to try to figure out how to correctly punctuate it. I always thought it was the collective bees’ knees, but apparently it’s just one set of bee’s knees.)

  12. Katie D

    I already consider it a given that if I ever find out I’m pregnant, this blog will be one of the top resources to get me through it. In the meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy it as a non-mom, non-blogger, but fellow tv-loving fan!

  13. julie bailey

    Confession: I skipped “Friday Snacks” till last Friday. I thought it was healthy snacks. Wait…maybe it is??

  14. Elise

    I’m one those quiet readers at their work computer, but thought I’d speak up to say ‘Happy Anniversary!’. I am a pretty new reader but I have to say that your blog quickly became one of my favourite reads. I would have found you through Bridget.H and Elizabeth (two of my other fave bloggers) and I think you guys are all people I would be friends with in ‘real life’. Your blog content is the perfect mix of funny/serious/wise/personal opinion/family which makes you stand out from the rest. Your voice is loud and clear, and doesn’t get caught up in the fads or moulds other bloggers seem to easily fall in.
    So, thank you Kate for giving me something worthy to read while behind my work computer.

  15. Heidi

    Happy Blog Anniversary. I’ve been reading for two years; does that make me a stalker? I hope not. I just really love good writing, and it’s here. Also love E Tells Tales.

  16. Sara

    I LOVE this blog! I don’t comment much, but it is the ONLY blog I read religiously. Thank you for being you :)

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  18. Meredith

    You’re very good at this–your writing style and topics are engaging, witty, insightful, and so relatable. I am the single mom of a two-year-old boy and my life is a walking fiasco…this parenting stuff is hard work! I just started blogging and really have no idea what I’m doing, but I love it and will keep figuring it out as I go just as you seem to have done. Kudos to you!


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