When Your Eggs Finally Cooperate.

May 13, 2013

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96 thoughts on “When Your Eggs Finally Cooperate.

  1. BipolarMomLife

    Who-HOOOOO!!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU KATE!!!!! YAYYYYY!! I was wondering if that is why you took some time off. I hope that you’re feeling well. My daughter is a December baby. It’s such a fun time to have a newborn! So excited for you. And so glad you’re back. Loved, loved, LOVED the video!!!

  2. annabelvita

    Well this seems like a good enough time to delurk! This video made me so happy (and a bit happy-teary!).

    Congratulations you four! Your friends and family are all super sweet.

  3. Mandy

    Yay, Kate! I’m still so excited for you! I’ve been praying for you since your post about trying. I love the video (or course). And the chalk announcement! Makes me wish I had a driveway or porch or something.

  4. Jolie

    Kate ya done made me weep, WEEP this morning. The best thing I could have woken up to, honestly. I was just thinking and praying about you and this baby I did not yet know existed. Hallelujah!!!

  5. Jamie

    I’m a rare commenter but this brought tears to my eyes. I struggled with infertility but after 1 round of IVF was so grateful to conceive my twins. Its such a relief when it finally happens! I’m so happy for you and your adorable family, Kate :)

  6. Rachael C

    I’ve never commented before, but this seems like a good occasion to do so :) Congrats Kate (and Austin and Waylon)!!

  7. Ashley Paige

    Oh Kate!!!! I am so excited and thrilled for you! SO MANY CONGRATULATIONS!! I’m kind of sort of crying into my french toast. That song.. SO AWESOME!!!!!!!

  8. Anonymous

    So SO excited for you!! Also very thankful and appreciative that you are willing and brave enough to document your life and the journey you are taking. Thank you for letting us live vicariously through you, for being vulnerable enough to show us a piece of your life, and open enough to let us celebrate and cry tears of joy with you (even though I’m blubbering all over my keyboard…I’ve already planned to tell my co-workers my allergies are acting up). CONGRATS!

  9. Molly

    Kate! I’m standing in my kitchen with tears streaming down my face. This is the best video. So very happy for The Motley Family of 4!

  10. Hannah

    You already know how thrilled this makes me!!! I smile every time I think about it… What a miracle! As I am in these days of feeling my heart expand as I fall completely in love with another baby, I am so excited for you to get to experience this too! You are loved! Baby Baer, you are already so celebrated and wanted!

  11. Emily

    i don’t even know you and i’m so incredibly happy for you. this video was amazing. and your news is even better. way to make a girl weep on a Monday morning.

  12. Cheri

    I’ve been reading your blog sans commenting for well over a year now. I think its time to break my silence. Know that there is an emotional & hormonal 8 months-pregnant reader from Kansas crying about your news. Loved the Austin clip.

  13. Shannon

    Congratulations!! Such a great video, definitely made me teary. My son is a December baby, great time of year.

  14. Amy

    So happy for you all! Absolutely loved the video. :) Best wishes for a healthy happy pregnancy! (And of course a happy healthy baby, too!)

  15. Deb

    Congratulations! That video was almost more than this pregnant mama could handle, very happy for all of you.

  16. Sara

    I cried! I’m so happy for your little family! Congratulations! So glad you are back! Missed my morning Motley Mama posts for the day :)

  17. Mary Plautz (@maryslastchance)

    Congratulations, Kate!! I’m SO excited for your family; I’ve been thinking about you guys since you posted about trying to get pregnant, and I couldn’t be happier today. I have tears streaming down my face. Growing families are one of those things that just go straight to my heart, you know? Happy baby #2 to you!

  18. Anonymous

    Congratulations Kate!! This video had me teary eyed at work and I don’t eve know you. :) Beautiful lady.

  19. Anonymous

    Congrats, MM! This news made my Monday, and the video made me teary. Wishing your family all the best during this very exciting time!

  20. Gesci

    I woke up this morning after the opposite of a long night (should a “long night” be when you get lots of glorious, uninterrupted sleet?!?) and lay in bed, poking around on my phone. I go to twitter, I click your link, and I just started doofy-grinning! Congratulations so many times over!
    Obviously this kid is lucky as hell, but how special is it that she/he has a video showing just how incredibly excited everyone is to meet her/him already?!
    The sidewalk chalk announcement is perfect, and the video is even better- both Austin’s reaction and your smile are pure joy.

  21. grace

    the sweetest ever. chills, tears, goosebumps — all of it. SO many congrats!!! And if you don’t subject us to bump updates — I quit.

    (put on my fbook page – but will take down if you want!!!!) best announcement EVER.

  22. Kate Bedinghaus

    Yay!!! I am thrilled for you! Your video was wonderful and so fun to see your joy together as a family.

  23. Mary

    That was beautiful!! Congratulations to you and your wonderful family!! May you be blessed with a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery!!

  24. Laura

    Friend, for the record I am SOOOOO much more excited than I look in this video!!! Had NO idea what you were saying at first haha. Happy Happy Happy – another birdie joins the flock! love how you told Austin!!

  25. colleen

    i usually am quiet when i read your blog but i had to extend my congrats – such a sweet video and just so exciting. when that baby grows up and sees all the excitement and love it had from day one well…it will be very special indeed. congrats a million times over – perfect way to celebrate christmas :)

  26. Beth

    Holy crying here. Congratulations!!! Love this video – what a great thing to do, record everyone’s reactions when they learned your news! So happy for you & Austin & Waylon.

  27. Luella

    Yay!!! Monte and I are so happy for you and ABaer!!! So excited for you and your family! What an amazing gift! Hope you’re feeling well!!

  28. Laura

    Yay! So happy for new babies! Thanks for sharing your struggles along the way, it’s honest and gives me hope.

    Countdown to December!

  29. Hilary

    Beautiful and creative, as usual. Loved it! Congratulations to the three of you!! So exciting! Makes me sad for my little guy right about your age that he won’t get to be a big brother…then I remember that he’s the third child and I am exhausted. So, I’ll live through you! Hooray!

  30. Alice H

    Congrats!! What a cute video! This must be a good month to conceive for a lot of people. My sis-in-law that was having a lot of problems and was seeing a fertility doctor is expecting her first. She is due December 8th. Hope your morning sickness goes away completely and that you have a healthy/happy pregnancy followed by a healthy/happy baby!

  31. Monica H.

    Congrats Kate!! so excited for you! Also, i thought of you today when i woke up a “screaming bobcat” after surgery…

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