Friday Snacks {4.04.14}

April 4, 2014


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5 Things To Love

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This Wolverine Musical.


This Potty Training DVD On Repeat.

Once Upon A Potty


These Happy Sad Songs & Sad Happy Songs


One Truth For The Week

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“Do not ask your children
to strive for extraordinary lives.
Such striving may seem admirable,
but it is the way of foolishness.
Help them instead to find the wonder
and the marvel of an ordinary life.
Show them the joy of tasting
tomatoes, apples and pears.
Show them how to cry
when pets and people die.
Show them the infinite pleasure
in the touch of a hand.
And make the ordinary come alive for them.
The extraordinary will take care of itself.”

William Martin


Happy Friday


Thank you to everyone who shared Internet gems. You make Fridays better.

PS: Little Man & Little Lady

9 thoughts on “Friday Snacks {4.04.14}

  1. Corley May

    LOVE the final poem – so beautiful and true. We have to celebrate the simple wonder that is all around us, every day.


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