Book Review: The Rosie Project + The Opposite Of Loneliness

July 7, 2014

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I can’t stop reading. Devoured two more books this week. They both made me laugh and pause and hide upstairs so I could finish the final pages.

A continuation of this (Five Books For Summer) list.

A big thank you to those of you who recommended these gems. More suggestions welcome.

Happy reading.


1) The Rosie Project.

the rosie project

Rating: 5/5

If You Like: Where’d You Go BernadetteWhat Alice ForgotBelong To Me

My Review: Charming, funny, heartwarming, and impossibly lovely. Don Tillman is someone you don’t want to forget. A “feel good” love story that isn’t nauseating or annoying. Very well written and timed. I couldn’t put this novel down.

Their Review: “It’s natural to be wary of a novel that’s been the target of such gushy praise. Publishers in at least thirty-eight countries have snapped up the rights to The Rosie Project, which has been touted as a ‘publishing phenomenon,’ an ‘international sensation’ and no less than ‘the feel-good hit of 2013.’ Well, squelch your inner cynic: the hype is justified. Australian Graeme Simsion has written a genuinely funny novel. . . . This is classic rom-com.” The Washington Post


2) The Opposite Of Loneliness.

the opposite of lonliness

Rating: 4/5

If You Like: I Was Told There’d Be Cake, Young Adult Memoirs

My Review: Marina writes with an impossibly young voice while maintaining literary dignity and humor. A quick read full of nostalgia for our early twenties. Marina would have been a household name if her life wouldn’t have been cut short. Her essays, particularly the first and last, are gems.

Their Review: “The writing Marina Keegan left behind offers a tantalizing taste of a literary voice still in development, yet already imbued with unusual insight, nuance, humor, and sensitivity.” -Deborah Treisman, The New Yorker


All Five-Star Rated Books Here.

8 thoughts on “Book Review: The Rosie Project + The Opposite Of Loneliness

  1. Dara

    I love your book reviews. Always looking for more!

    I recently read Whistling Past the Graveyard. Loved it! Probably my favorite read this year. Takes place in Mississippi in 1963 and told from the POV of a 9-year-old girl named Starla and her journey growing up and learning how to change her perceptions of people.

  2. beinglovely

    two books i recently read and loved
    the history of love by nicole krauss and
    a tale for time beings by ruth oseki
    i myself am too tired to read at bedtime! my kids are getting older now (11 and 7) but i go to bed with them. and pray for holidays when my parents are around and i can read. xo

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