Friday Snacks {7.11.14}

July 11, 2014


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Previously posted on 7/11. Reposted 8/7.

5 Links To Read

A beautiful rescue.


25 Quotes For Writers.


Orange Is The New Black + Disney Mashup.


Beautiful birth story as told by Dad.


Why Women Need Their Girlfriends.


5 Things To Love

This new Gone Girl trailer.


This New Cat Power & Coldplay Song For Wish You Were Here.


This movie being released three times?


This mattress (and great idea) to make pack n’ plays an actual bed.
(And what Evie sleeps on every night)

Pack n Play mattress


This PSA.


One Truth For The Week

Joss Whedon


Happy Friday


Thank you to everyone who shared Internet gems. You make Fridays better.

3 thoughts on “Friday Snacks {7.11.14}

  1. Stephanie

    Just found your blog during a search of the Stay on My Internets forum. The Disney + Orange is the New Black mash up is AMAZING! I haven’t even checked out the other links yet, and you are already getting added to my feed! :)


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