Friday Snacks {8.15.14}

August 15, 2014



5 Links To Read

Give Me Gratitude Or Give Me Debt.


The Importance Of Ferguson.


My Alma Mater Interviewed Me And I Tried Not To Be Awkward.


How The Sun Sees You.


Hands Up, Don’t Shoot.


5 Things To Love

This legend.


This, apparently.


This trailer.


This sippy cup for babies who think they’re 11.

tomme tippy


This pre-school backpack.


One Truth For The Week

Robin Williams


Happy Friday


Thank you to everyone who shared Internet gems. You make Fridays better.

8 thoughts on “Friday Snacks {8.15.14}

  1. Heather

    I cry every time I see Hands Up, Don’t Shoot photos. I’ve born witness to the brutality and profiling in my neighborhoods over the past 8 years – in DC and Brooklyn. By virtue of my skin color, I’ve been an outside observer, never subjected to the stop and frisk, to the suspicion, to the fear of getting shot for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and “looking the wrong way”. But I’ve seen it happen to neighbors and friends over and over and over again. When will it end? I fear for my son’s classmates – the black and brown boys and girls he plays with in such a carefree fashion at school and in Brooklyn’s playgrounds. Which ones will still be walking these streets in 20 years?

  2. Kaly

    St. Louis here. I am so ashamed of what’s going on. It’s heartbreaking and tragic and so misunderstood. And I can’t see how it will end well for those people there.

    On a lighter note, I purchased the exact same sippy for my 8 MO son this weekend. And then I fought the urge to snatch it away when he started using it.

  3. Anonymous

    Your alumni profile is good. I really appreciated getting to read this part: “Baer says her recent success on Huffington Post briefly threw her off balance: she didn’t write for two weeks after the “Tightly Wound” post went viral, “paralyzed” by the pressure and fearful that her “tiny success” was a fluke.”

    I thought you were maybe just at the beach or something, but that is extremely helpful information because I think that’s how it goes for all writers: Please please please let there be success, O GOD there’s success now everyone’s going to find out I’m a fraud.” To know that even you have felt that, makes the road ahead seem less scary for others who want to try to follow.

    I can imagine it’s totally overwhelming to feel you need to churn out something to keep 30,000 readers happy and engaged. When you started, you were writing for your friends and family, who you knew, so it was like any conversation with them. Now the audience is so deep you can’t follow that maxim “Know your audience” so it’s hard to know which direction to go to please everyone because you have no idea what it is people want to hear.

    EXCEPT, that what has drawn you your audience is not a specific topic, but your style, and Most Of All: Your honesty. So you could have written: “Hey folks, paralyzed here. Eating cake and going to bed early instead of facing you,” and you would have gotten thousands of Likes as each reader recognized themselves in those lines. It really is enough to keep being you.

    I think you know all this, because it’s really what your post about your sister is about: This is Me. Deal with it. Best daily words to live by.

    Keep on Kate! I’m confident the money will come.

  4. Bethany

    Just now getting around to reading your Friday snacks! Thanks. Good stuff. I liked your EMU post and SBessey’s post was also a good read. I hope good voices like hers are heard in this tragedy. I also liked John Oliver’s from Last Week Tonight’s commentary on it. I’d send a link but….can’t figure out this device.


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