Four Years Of Parenting

June 26, 2015


Four years ago today, I pushed my very first baby into this world after 24 blissful hours of labor (no). When the nurse came to check on us a few hours later, I cried so hard that I scared everyone in the room. As it turns out, it’s not really possible to be awake for three days without a little hysteria. The same goes with parenting.

01Just like last year, I am left without much to say beyond “Here we are” and “We’re doing the best we can.” Year three was good but hard. I expect nothing else for the coming year.

Waylon is a sensitive kid. If you google a checklist for what qualifies a Highly Sensitive Person, his face appears, crying over bees and the sound of a flushing toilet. He’s also an intense kid. So far this summer he’s used his time off to swim, pretend to be a space ranger, and play a little game called 900 Questions. Have you ever met a four-year-old? They are kind of like three-year-olds but louder. His redeeming qualities include impressive comedic timing and actually being great at Costco.

If I have any advice for new parents, it’s this: Expect nothing, assume nothing, and try not to drink too much in the evenings. Honestly sometimes the best thing to do for your child is take a deep breath and lie down in a dark room.

kate and w

I will never forget that night in June; just past midnight, Austin at my side, our midwife whispering he’s almost here. It was the start of one of my greatest love stories. No matter how hard it is to have a one, two, three, four-year-old–I love Waylon in the most desperate kind of way. He is my heart, the best part of this wild and precious life.

Happy Birthday to my first, sweet, impossible boy. You are a treasure.


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19 thoughts on “Four Years Of Parenting

  1. Susanna

    So I have been reading you blog for awhile and I just have to say ,your post pretty much always make me cry. You somehow perfectly capture the tired eyes and exposed heart that is parenting. Your humor is so nicely balanced with your vulnerability and you express the nuances so succinctly. Thank you.

  2. Shan@FortyUp

    Jeepers, just shed a little tear watching the video! My youngest just turned 4 in May! Wondering now why I haven’t videoed more of my kids lives, am going to start today! X

  3. Christina Rauh Fishburne

    Oh good Lord, amazing. Happy Birthday to the boy and congratulations to you for being a great mom, excellent photographer, fantastic writer, and having of the mad skills to make videos. We’re all crying and loving our own kids a little bit more now.

  4. Courtenay

    Gosh your videos always make me tear up and I don’t even know you! You have an incredible way of expressing what it feels like to love a child. Just wondering what program you use to make these videos with photos and video mixed together? Got my little dude’s first birthday coming up and I’ve got to try to do something with the 4000 photos I’ve taken this year. I really really love your writing.

  5. jenna mcquinn

    For some reason now that you have a new domain name, I’m able to see your blog at work! I’m so excited so I’m catching up and this video just made me cry. Waylon seems like such a sweet kid and I love all the clips you saved.


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