Book Review: Tell The Wolves I’m Home + The Royal We

October 7, 2015

the royal we

Whenever I write these two-set book reviews, I’m amazed how there is always some link between the texts. Even if one is a zombie novel and the other is a celebrity memoir, I’ll notice a mutual plot point, a shared theme, the same pint of whiskey on the grandfather’s kitchen table. I don’t know how it’s happening. How and when and where I get books is completely random. Is this a set up? Am I on the Truman Show?

It blows my mind.

This time, the link is sisters. Two sets of sisters and all the wonderful, terrible, beautiful things that come with that relationship (love ya Kelly).

As always, book reviews are spoiler free.

Happy reading.

PS: A few people told me that after the last book review, they accidentally bought or borrowed the wrong Her as there are two books by that name! How exciting. Please let me know how the other Her is. As an aside, if you click on the links provided in book reviews, it will take you to the Amazon listing of the correct book. Full disclosure, I’ll also make a few pennies if you buy something–but no worries. I get most of my books from the library, too. xo


1. Tell The Wolves I’m Home.


If You’re Looking For: Young adult fiction, historical fiction, coming-of-age novels

If You Liked: Eleanor And Park

My Review: Good start, long middle, satisfying ending. That’s the short version. The long version is that I really wanted to five star this book. So many people told me it was wonderful, which was perhaps part of the problem. I enjoyed it but I’m not sure I loved it. It was the very standard young adult fiction; misfit girl feels unlovable but ends up being lovable all along, while also taking on some deeper issues such as hard family dynamics and the AIDS crisis in the 80s. There were moments I cried all over my tank top and moments I wanted to stop reading. I’m not sorry I read it. I cared about the characters and felt the writing quality deserved praise. And like I said, I cried. If a book makes me cry, it deserves at least 3 stars and a pat on the back. Very readable, but also very forgettable.

Their Review: “In this lovely debut novel set in the 1980s, Carol Rifka Brunt takes us under the skin and inside the tumultuous heart of June Elbus…Distracted parents, tussling adolescents, the awful ghost-world of the AIDS-afflicted before AZT—all of it springs to life in Brunt’s touching and ultimately hopeful book.”–People


1. The Royal We.

the royal we

If You’re Looking For: Fan fiction, “summer reads,” something light, something fun, page turners, millennial thrills

If You Like: The Princess Diaries, Kate Middleton

My Review: Coming from someone who doesn’t check the royal headlines or What Kate’s Wearing ever—this book was a delight. Perfect fan fiction for the millennial girl. It is smart, funny, sexy, and a quick read despite its 500+ page length. Most of all, this novel is exactly what it was intended to be. Tip: You can love a pop song just as long as it doesn’t call itself Mozart. If you want to get lost in a love story this fall, this is the perfect pick. I wish I could read it for the first time all over again. In my best (worst) English accent: brilliant.

Their Review: “An entertaining read-but also a sharp critique of how we treat celebrities and what happens to people always in the paparazzi glare . . . Cocks and Morgan also know that daydreams should stay daydreams because the reality is much harsher. That’s what elevates The Royal We from just a good beach book to a beach book with a message–while remaining entertaining enough to keep your butt in your beach chair.” –Philadelphia Inquirer


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15 thoughts on “Book Review: Tell The Wolves I’m Home + The Royal We

  1. Anonymous

    1. We’re all on the Truman Show.

    2. I always wondered how two people write a book. Does one come up with the ideas and the other the prose? Do they both write, and then tussle back and forth on whose gets included? That would be a special relationship that not many could pull off with love.

    But maybe it should be unusual that books are written by one person at all, considering movie scripts often end up being group projects (though not necessarily to the betterment of the movie…)

  2. Aubrey

    You know how sometimes your mom brain just cannot do simple tasks and it becomes a thing?

    I love books. I love reading them while ignoring my child and listening to them on my 1.5 hrs in the car daily. But somehow, choosing the next book became a chore and a ‘shit I haven’t done that yet and now I’m bored and what should I read’ thing.

    Welp, now I am diverting that little (should be fun but oddly isn’t) chore to you. So thanks for making this choice for me every few weeks. I just load up the next Kate choice and think, meh, if she read it, so can I.

    PS- Boston Girl- would I have loved it if I read it? Maybe not. But listening to it read by Linda Lavin? Heck yes.

    1. WhitMc

      Thanks for your tip on Boston Girl! I bought it on Audible (I am 3 hours in the car a day) but have been putting off starting because of mixed reviews. Definitely excited to start now! And I agree, an author’s voice can completely change a book!

  3. Emily

    I LOL’ed that you state “Royal We” as a “quick read.” That book took me FOREVER to read. I’d have power reading sessions, snap the book shut, and only be like an 1/8th through it. I think the middle part severely dragged but once I got in the last few chapters, I whizzed through the end.

  4. Liz Hott

    The Royal We! So deliciously charming, right? And agreed on Tell the Wolves…I enjoyed reading it & recommended a bunch right after I finished but several months later it’s dropped from my “omg must read” list. Meh. Excited to hear your thoughts on Big Magic! xx

  5. Katie

    I’m sorry if you’ve answered this before, but I’d love to know how you discover and choose books to read. I think I recall that you don’t read anything about books beforehand. Without any knowledge, how do you pick?


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