When Babies Get Bigger (Evie Turns 2)

December 13, 2015

Two years ago on a cold winter morning, Eva December entered this world on her due date after 17 hours of labor. Austin delivered her. There was snow on the ground. My first three thoughts were: Did I tear? No really, how bad did I tear? SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME THE SITUATION.

It was fine and she was a dream. Evie was a sweet, easy going baby from the start. When she turned one, I joked that she took up 10% of my parenting energy while her brother took up the other 90%. I guess she took this as a criticism and spent the rest of the year trying to prove me wrong. Therefore year two has been a year of reinvention. My carefree baby has grown into a loud and feral two-year-old. Instead of cooing on the living room floor and quietly playing with toys, Evie demands attention and craves adventure, believe it or not she asked a scooter for birthday so we got one at the MyProScooter website. No ledge is too high, no scream is too loud, no rock is left unthrown.

She’s the funniest, fiercest kid I know. So glad to know her.

Happy birthday to my wild, daring girl.


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11 thoughts on “When Babies Get Bigger (Evie Turns 2)

  1. taylor

    I try not to comment on little girls’ looks any more than I would little boys’ … but she is just such a doll. I think you can see the fun in her eyes. Happy Birthday, Eva!

  2. Kristen

    Happy 2nd Birthday!! That video is amazing!! I wish I had the ability (and time) to make something like that for my two little ones!

  3. monica

    Wow, that was beautiful. May I ask what program you used to put it together, as well as what the music is? You have inspired me to cobble together my own montage for my daughter’s upcoming 2nd birthday.


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