Five Gift Ideas For Parents With Young Kids

November 28, 2016

Whenever someone asks what I want for Christmas, the only things I can think of are a nap and turkey sandwich from Panera. Given time to think, I can usually come up with a few things though.

Today, five gift ideas for parents with young kids. Whether it’s gifting your spouse, cousin, or daughter-in-law…here are my recommendations from someone who hasn’t slept through the night off and on for five years.

PS: I had this post scheduled for next week, but because it’s cyber Monday, I decided to post it today since the coveted bObi pet (and a lot of other things) are discounted for the next few hours!


1. bObi Pet.

If you follow me on snapchat, you’ve seen videos of our new pet bObi roaming the house and cleaning up the random piles of graham cracker crumbs littered across the floor. When we first welcomed her home, I was skeptical. The only time I’d seen one of these things was on Parks & Rec when Tom has DJ Roomba.

Now I am a believer.

Things to know:

  • Specifically designed for cleaning up your pet’s hair and paw prints (we don’t have pets, but three kids is equivalent to around 14 dogs)
  • Easy to use with only three touchscreen buttons
  • You can set a personalized cleaning schedule with an included remote
  • Automatically finds her charging station when low on battery
  • 80 Soft touch sensors detect obstacles and softly cushion impacts
  • Quiet
  • Washable dustbin can be fully submerged underwater
  • Simultaneously vacuums, sweeps, mops, UV-sterilizes, and HEPA filtrates
  • Adorable

10/10 star review. Would recommend to anyone. The perfect gift for parents with young kids who would love to get a dog to lick up floor crumbs but don’t actually want to take care of a dog. Literally the perfect pet.

When we released her into her new home of dust bunnies, I asked the kids to name her and they came up with the worst suggestions (baby, mommy, buttcrack)–so I took control and named her “Bertie.”

Welcome to your new home, B. I never love you more than when I’m drinking my coffee and don’t have to stoop down to wipe up the breakfast crumbs.


Four more gift ideas:

2. Envelope of cash for take-out.

3. Season tickets to a local theater or park.

4. Spa gift card.

5. Babysitting. Guiltless, effortless, already paid for or worry free babysitting. Priceless.


The bObsweep was given to me in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much for reading and supporting this blog.

6 thoughts on “Five Gift Ideas For Parents With Young Kids

  1. Michaela

    Hey, I saw folks on Instagram were having sticker shock about the price of the bobi pet. You should link to the Amazon page for the bobi; right now it’s $249, which seems much more reasonable.

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