Five Weekend Links

May 4, 2017


1) In love with this little fox from Little Giraffe. So many of my friends have their Luxe blankets but I didn’t realize they made stuffed animals too! Softest, sweetest friend for my little fox cub. Making it our sole crib lovey. Thank you for sending it, friends! Would make a great baby shower gift.

2) Let’s All Stop Apologizing for the Delayed Response in Our Emails (bless)

3) A story sent from one of my readers (incredible)

4) Your Social Media Identity Crisis (made me laugh).

5) An FYI for anyone else who only shops online–> Shop Green is giving away an Amazon Gift Card (A group for finding great deals and brands for fair trade, eco-friendly, and socially conscious products) + Sale Rack will be doing a giveaway soon as well!

Have a great weekend!


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