Who are you? How did I get to this blog? What is happening?

Hello friend. Some opening remarks here.

How can I have my product featured on your website or social media?

This blog is writing centered, but I do share things occasionally for something light and fun! The rest you can find in this Facebook group dedicated to finding good deals for women, mama, and kids. Send me a short bio and a link to your product and/or website if you think I’d be interested at katebaerblog@gmail.com.

What happened to Motley Mama?

I started motleymama.com in the Spring of 2011 when I was pregnant with my first baby. I have since outgrown its title and format, but I treasure those old posts and am thankful for the readers and community I’ve found in blogging.

Where did all the posts about your kids/monthly reviews go?

You can access some of those posts under the Babies tab. As the kids get older, I have scaled back most of those posts to simple yearly recaps.

Are you writing a book?

Yes. Send Xanax.

How did you cope with Waylon’s colic?

Waylon was the Charlie Sheen of babies. It gets better.

Does Austin ever care that you write about him in your posts?

No. We’re both pretty much an open book.

How did you guys meet?

You can read our love story here.

What does he do?

In the Spring of 2015 he graduated with his M.D. from Penn State College of Medicine to pursue a career as an Interventional Radiologist (which is a fancy way of saying he’ll be studying for a very long time). He is currently in his second year of residency. A post on marrying a student here.

What kind of camera do you use? Do you also have a video camera? How do you edit them? Etc.

I use this camera and this lens for both pictures and video. I edit photos in Lightroom and make movies with iMovie. I edit phone pictures on my iphone with the VSCO app.