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Gift Ideas For Little Kids

November 28, 2016

This week I am finishing up all Christmas shopping so I can use the rest of the month to stress about other things enjoy the holidays!!!!! Sharing a few favorite gifts for kids and adults today in case you need ideas or want to snag some deals.

Time sensitive deals highlighted in red!

May your life be void of horrible customer service lines and instead filled with easy Internet browsing and Christmas movies starring Macaulay Culkin (trying spelling that without google).

PS: *Asterisksindicates the item was given for free in exchange for a review. All reviews are my honest opinion, for better or worse. Some items were donated directly to children in need. The rest are things we have enjoyed over the years or purchased for this Christmas season, as indicated!

For big kids (2-5)…


The tot tube.* The toy is SO SIMPLE yet so genius. I can’t wait for the kids to open it this year. The reviews speak for themselves. Race cars and balls down the tunnel track by propping it up against a couch or chair. Buy 2 sets and race side-by-side, or put them together to make one extra long tube. Fits almost any brand of toy car (Matchbox, Hot wheels, Little People, etc) or a small ball. Comes apart in three pieces for easy storage. Sets up in a flash. No screws or tools needed or complicated instructions (bless). Bonus: No batteries required, no flashing lights, or annoying sound effects. Sold. Use the promo code KATEBEAR for 25% off starting at 6pm [EST]! On Amazon only.

Kitty surprise.* ATTENTION NOSTALGIA HOARDERS: this one is for you. Who else had one of these in the 90s? My heart. Eva is going to flip her lid when she finds this pregnant mom cat under the tree this year. Will there be 3, 4, or 5 kittens? It’s a surprise! All you have to do is perform c-section surgery open her pouch to find out. Never have I ever been more excited to give my kid something so uniquely weird and perfect. She’s going to love it.

Hospital care cart.* Who else has the Doc McStuffins theme song permanently stuck in their head? Honestly it could be worse (see: Paw Patrol) and really if my kids are going to watch a show, Doc Mcstuffins is one of my favorites for promoting diversity and female leadership (more reasons here). People often ask if I want my kids to follow their father’s footsteps and be doctors and I just want to say, let’s just focus on getting everyone potty trained first, okay? They do love playing doctor though, and they will both love this play set.

Walking animal balloons. My friend Heather gave me this idea for something to stick under the tree that gives a little pizzazz and drama Christmas morning without being expensive or something you ultimately have to store. The kids are going to be THRILLED. This set is also adorable and what I ended up ordering!

Paper plane launcher.* Raise your hand if you also have a five year old who demands constant paper planes for him to dive bomb at his sister. The velocity launcher blasts paper planes up to 100 feet and includes 24 “Do-It-Yourself” Paper Planes and easy-to-follow instructions that his mother will refuse to read and redirect to her co-parent.

Magformers. My friend Mo told me about this deal last night and I ordered them right away! I know everyone goes nuts for Magnatiles, but I was not willing to shell out over a dollar a piece when we already have a zillion legos from Austin’s collection. Bonus: these have great reviews and are super on sale!

Smart watch. Got ours at Costco a few months ago for a lot less than this, but I think they are sold out at our store now. Heard great things from moms who have kids the same age as Waylon. This is the “big gift!”

Walkie talkies. My kids love these and got them as a reward this summer for finishing their sticker charts.

Horse hopper. Last year’s Christmas gift and super on sale today!

Custom made cloth dolls. Eva has one and loves it! (And I do too) 15 inches tall, perfect for carrying around, hugging, and playing with. Skin, hair, and eye colors will be customized to your preference; little girls love a dolly that looks just like them! A monogram is also stitched on the back lower right body. Body and shoes are 100% cotton, dress is Liberty of London tana cotton lawn, hair is 100% wool felt. Cannot recommend enough.

New winter hat. The fox hat on my baby fox is my favorite (obviously). Waylon has a tiger one, too! Has remained intact and durable over the years. Highly recommend.

Inside Out. Have you seen it yet? One of the best kid’s movies out there. I cry every time! Also Mary Poppins and Cinderella!

Magnadoodle. Tried and true and always, always a hit. We have two and they are great in the car! Grace over at Camp Patton also recommended these today and I ordered one for Waylon! Super on sale!

Water wow. Mess free and a perfect stocking stuffer. Great in the car, church, or waiting room.

Also Old Maid, this wooden train set, piggy paints, and grabbers!

For babies…

Babies need nothing, but if the grandparents are asking anyway– we love..

img_5623These custom made onesies for newborns from my friend Carrie. They are a great new baby gift and perfect for the announcement pictures or the precious coming home outfit. Use code ‘shopsmall’ this week to get 15% off your custom onesie.


Activity cube.* This activity cube is one of those toys that looks terrible but ends up giving you 15 extra minutes to make lasagna.

Doorway jumper. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know my babies live in these!

Sophie. Ask any mother on the street who has had a baby in the past five years if this toy is worth it and you will always get the same answer. There are over 6,000 positive reviews on Amazon alone. IT MAKES NO SENSE. IT IS A PIECE OF RUBBER. The power of Sophie is the craziest toy phenomenon of all time.


Lately // November 2016

November 18, 2016

October was about four seconds long, but November has dragged its feet with election sludge and social media feeds filled with links from That’s okay though, we will persevere dear autumn month, but only because you end with mashed potatoes and Buddy the elf.

A few things we’re up to around here:

1. Trying to read a few good articles and ignore all the rest. Really enjoyed A Cup Of Jo’s 5 Ways To Get Involved and When Reportage Turns To Cynicism.

2. Wearing new winter boots now that cold weather is here to stay. Our favorites are from See Kai Run. They sent a pair for the big kids for a review and I can’t get enough of them. Durable, waterproof, comfortable, and easy to get on. The kids always pick them first. 5/5 stars. Waylon’s shoes are especially perfect for a kid who wants to run fast and get messy.


3. Laughing at If Women Wrote Men The Way Men Write Women.

4. Trying this out to treat my keratosis pilaris (little red bumps on the skin) after someone suggested it on Instagram (I’ll try anything at this point!).

5. Listening to this fall soundtrack (updated monthly). Track one is my new favorite song. This one too.

6. Ordering groceries. After five months of using grocery delivery, I’m never going to the store again. It saves so. much. time. (We use peapod and Amazon)

7. Christmas shopping. So far we’ve gotten this smart watch for Waylon and I picked up a Doc McStuffins doll from a consignment store for Eva. She’s also getting my old dollhouse for Christmas this year. Can’t wait to give that to her.

8. Reading this book for book club (really enjoyed it) and starting this one soon.

9. Missing Leslie Knope, but loving that she came back for a hot second.

10. Laughing at all the Joe Biden and Obama memes. I don’t have to link to it. You know what I’m talking about.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving! We’ll be staying local and doing what we can to enjoy the holidays together in between Austin’s long hours. This year I’m especially thankful for wonderful kindergarten and preschool teachers, cold brew coffee, and my ever forgiving children.

Love and light to you as we head into December. xo


Christmas Cards + Minted Giveaway

November 9, 2016

Baer Card

I love Christmas cards. I love buying them, sending them, getting them in the mail. I do not love taking THE CHRISTMAS CARD PICTURE. You know how it goes. The posing, the sweating, the gritting your teeth while you whisper yell at your kids to look like you’re having a great time and stop picking your nose SO HELP ME GOD. Which is why this year we chose from photos we already had and left Austin and I out of the whole thing. A morale boost for everyone.

One thing we didn’t change was going with Minted for our cards. They have the best designs and let you stick the addresses on the envelopes for free. Win!

Four things to know:

1) First and most important–> YOU CAN WIN A $125 GIFT CARD TO GET THOSE CHRISTMAS CARDS FOR FREE!!! Minted has generously offered 125 bucks to their shop for one of my lucky readers. Click here to enter! All you need is an e-mail address. Giveaway will run today through November 16th. Don’t miss it! U.S. residents only.

2) Starting today through 11/14 – Minted is running their semi-annual Free Foil Event. 20% off all foil products using code FOIL20. Their foil-pressed cards are some of their best products and tend to be expensive, so this is a great deal! 

3) They also have great Christmas gift ideas. I have my eye on this and this!

4) Minted believes that great design lives and thrives in the hands of independent artists that people do not have access to through traditional retailers. They use technology to allow consumers to discover great creative talent, making Minted a place where artists can learn, gain exposure, and build their businesses. I contacted them and for Christmas cards in exchange for an honest review.

Other fine print details include Austin really hating my themed hat picture.



Baer Christmas Card


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November 7, 2016



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