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Eva: 19 – 20 Months

August 11, 2015

Swimming, puppies, snacking, jumping, tackling, laughing.

Spitting up occasionally and hoarding pebbles/dirt/rocks/small objects in her mouth.

Special New Installments
Talking in sentences, going to the gym childcare without paci, repeating words (but only for her brother). Singing an original song called “Daddy’s Shoes” in a breathy baby voice.

Taller and bigger and braver and crazier. Needy when she’s hangry and happy when she’s fed. Favorite foods are fruit, pasta, and ice cream (duh). Still lets her brother hold her and rock her like a baby, but fights him like a hyena when she’s mad. Wildest, grossest, funniest baby I know. She’s got this family right where she wants us, and there’s no place we’d rather be. Love our wild girl.