May I reprint or repost your work?

Reposting a writer or artist’s work on social media is one of the best ways to show support of their craft but ONLY if proper credit is given. Please be sure to both tag and explicitly give credit in the caption for all work shared. For reprint inquiries, please contact me by email.

Where can I purchase your poems in book form?

Thank you for asking! My first book of poetry is in the works and will be announced via social media when there are more details to share.

Are you writing a novel?

I have been slowly working on a novel over the past few years alongside my wonderful literary agent who gave me the space to do so. That project is temporarily on hold as I finish a book of poetry.

Will you come speak at my event or in my classroom/school?

All inquiries welcome! Email kathrine.joy@gmail.com for details/fees. I prefer small creative writing classrooms as they are definitely “in my lane.” Nonprofits/schools are asked to cover travel expenses only.