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Insert Welcoming Remarks

May 7, 2015


Updated 3/15/16

Hello friends.

It’s been a long time since I’ve talked to you like this. As I’ve mentioned before, blogging has changed a lot over these four years. Personal narrative blogs have been replaced with niche blogs, affiliate links, Instagram, Buzzfeed, and what I call “worldview pieces.” Readers, including myself, skirt to and from blogs so quickly that it’s hard to continue any sort of story, making it necessary to write essays that can stand alone.

Sometimes I’ll read a random blog, click around, and still wonder what’s going on. Where do they live? What do they do? Why are they always at the beach?

I thought this might be a good time to clear things up.

HELLO. My name is Kate and I like Friends reruns and sandwiches featuring complicated mayonnaise. Technically my name is actually Kathrine, inconveniently spelled without an “e” in the middle, which means a bunch of KathErines with gmail accounts get a lot of my “urgent” Old Navy emails. Enjoy the maxi dress! Now an entire 25 cents off.

I live in a small town in Eastern Pennsylvania, a day’s trip away from New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. My kids are Waylon (4, almost 5) and Eva (2, almost 15). My husband’s name is James but he goes by Austin. I guess both our parents liked things complicated. Last summer he graduated from medical school and started a six year residency in Radiology. This first year will presumably be the hardest, with work weeks averaging over 80 hours a week. Mostly we take things one day at a time.

This May we’ll be married seven years and we’re expecting our third baby in June.

In case you are wondering about the mild home renovations referenced on Instagram, we live in a very modest three bedroom home Austin’s parents bought at the beginning of medical school. Because we rent (pay the mortgage) from them–we can make renovations as we are able. When we matched to Penn State Hershey last Spring, we decided not to move (thank you Jesus) and just upgrade a few things. So far we’ve painted everything white and bought 100 items off Craigslist. We hope to own our own home someday, but for now paying a low mortgage on a house that’s not ours is actually pretty great. If the garbage disposal breaks, I just call my father-in-law. Please don’t tell him how to block phone numbers. Chances are we’ll stay in this house through residency, which means we’ll be here a total of 10 years.

If you’re wondering what I actually look like (not just what I look like with 17 filters), here is an all natural photo I plugged into the age predictor site everyone’s been using this week.


It identified me as 12-year-old girl. Bonus: I still dress like one too.

Things you’ll find on this blog: Real writing on Babies, Bodies, and Womanhood + Pop Culture Posts + Book Reviews + Music.

Friday posts are links to things to read, watch, or check out with some light PR.

You can find my most read piece, cross posted on Huffington Post, here.

If you’ve been listening to my playlists for a few years, you’ll notice Grooveshark shut down without warning and all my music vanished forever! I was sad too. After many recommendations, I’m learning Spotify and loving it. It reminds me of when I read The DaVinci Code ten years late and everyone was like I KNOW. All you need is a (free) Spotify account. So far, so amazing.

Two years ago I gave in to the self-indulgence of two Q&A posts. It led to one of my most read pieces on Church. Many new readers and some Huffington Post articles later, I’m wondering if there’s anything else you want to know. Did you stumble here and now you’re wondering why I’m constantly talking about night cheese? If you have questions, feel free to leave questions in the comments below or shoot me an email.

As an aside, it is worth noting this blog is no longer my first priority as I’m in the middle of writing a book, but it is still a great place to post life events, the occasional essay, or fun things from the Internet. Those Friday links used to really bog me down, but now those kinds of light posts are a happy place where I don’t have to think about where the next sentence will come from. Who would have thought curating silly tweets or finding noteworthy links to read would become a relaxing pastime. Instagram and Snapchat (for the most part) are fun too. You can find me on both at @katejbaer.

As always, thanks for reading, listening, responding, and double tapping. All the heart eye and dancing girl emojis right back at you.



July: See Coldplay Live

July 5, 2012

At first glance, this item on my bucket list appears somewhat trivial. Seeing a popular band live is nothing to cry about (I’ve been crying about it) nor is it particularly earth shattering. In fact, some might call it selfish or even irresponsible since the tickets were expensive and we currently have no cash flow.

Furthermore, Coldplay is a big band. Enormous, really. Internationally acclaimed and a household name across the globe. What I’m getting at is that wanting to see Coldplay is not unique. Lots of people have been affected by their music and know their songs by heart.

I’ve actually never seen a big band live. All the concerts I’ve been to have cost 15 dollars and had me standing in line for hours so I could situate myself at the front of the stage to try and catch some of Ryan Adam’s sweat-drops.

I’m not complaining. Smaller bands equal smaller venues which means you can hear better, see more, and have a chance to meet the artist. I will never stop talking about kissing Glen Hansard, hugging Joshua Radin, or shaking the Wailin’ Jennys’ hands. I know it’s annoying. I’m already daydreaming about bumping into Chris Martin at a pub tonight before the show, even though I know it won’t happen.

This concert is going to be very different. There will be assigned seats and I’ll need my binoculars to see their faces. Instead of being one of a few hundred, I’ll be one of 20,000. And yet I find myself tearing up every time I talk about the concert.

You see, Coldplay and I have come a long way together. They were with me when I started college, when I fell in love. They came along to the Middle East and to Europe. They were with me through break-ups and engagements, long days and longer nights. They were with me on my wedding day.

Coldplay has been the soundtrack for my entire adult life, which is why the thought of seeing them live brings tears to my eyes. Every one of their songs represents a snapshot of time and a feeling of timelessness.

There is also something about their music that moves me to my very core. I know it sounds corny, but I bet most of you know what I’m talking about. Most of us, at one point or another, have felt that jolt through the body over a well placed lyric or power cord. Most of us have been moved by music.

I’m no music snob. I don’t care if it’s The New Directions, Josh Groban, or Bon Iver that moves you–the point is that it moves you to feel something deeper, better, stronger. The point is that music reminds us that we have lived and are still living. Coldplay does that for me mostly because we are such good friends, moving through time album by album. They have a great sound too, but I’m not here to sell you their CDs.

Really I’m just here to explain why I’m so excited about tonight and this month’s bucket list check-mark. These Brits make a rare appearance on the East Coast, so I’m counting my lucky stars I was with it enough to wait at the computer a few months ago and hit BUY the second they were on sale (local news reported the concert sold out in 30 seconds).

I’ve already warned Austin I might cry tonight. I know it’s ridiculous, but I don’t care. They are my Beatles.

Viva la Vida.



I Made Your Lover A Mixed Tape

February 15, 2012

You know the girl who always talks about how much she loves music? She frequently brings up all the concerts she’s been to and how this album is better than that album and how she listened to Bon Iver for years, before he got popular.

Yeah. I try really hard not to be that girl because no one likes that girl.

In other news, I made you a mixed tape of some of my favorite love songs.

[8tracks width=”500″ height=”500″ playops=”” url=”http://8tracks.com/mixes/597536″]

Some of them are old (track6), some of them are new (track1), some of them I walked down the aisle to (track11), some of them are cheesy (track2), and others are not even great love songs but just songs we’ve sang together and remind me of simpler times (track12&13).

Music has that innate ability to transport you back to the exact moment you first heard it, or to a moment when it was playing and you felt it the deepest.

When I listen to “On Your Porch” by The Format (track10), I think about our first date. We just got back from their concert and Austin pulled out his guitar and started to sing and play songs from the concert, including “On Your Porch,” a love song. Who does that?

When I bust his balls about it now, he just smiles and says he knew what he was doing.

I guess he’s right.

Every one of these songs means something to me, even if it’s just the love song in the greatest movie on earth (track20).

Do you and yours have a song or a band that is your love soundtrack?

Don’t be embarrassed, I know you do.


If The World Has Ended, This Could Be Awkward.

November 29, 2011

All the posts this week have been pre-scheduled, meaning I wrote them over the weekend and am not around to hit publish because we’re moving and don’t have the internet yet. Sorry in advance if something incredibly horrifying, wonderful, or weird has happened in the world and this post is out of place.

Things To Do Instead of Reading This Blog While We Are Unpacking 

1) Read a book (list has been updated).

2) Throw back some nog and listen to some Christmas music.

3) Read a better blog (scroll down).

4) Watch something funny.

5) Listen to something beautiful.

6) Take a moment of silence to think about us moving and unpacking these boxes for the fourth time in two years, this time with a little one, probably arguing about where to put the plates.

See you (hopefully) Friday.


I Made You A Christmas Mixed Tape

November 25, 2011

Now that we can all agree it is time for Christmas cheer, it’s time to break out the Holly Jolly and get our eggnog on.

To celebrate, I made you a Christmas mixed tape.

You’re welcome.

[8tracks width=”500″ height=”500″ playops=”” url=”http://8tracks.com/mixes/442257″]