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Insert Welcoming Remarks

May 7, 2015


Updated 4/27/17

Hello friends.

It’s been a long time since I’ve talked to you like this. As I’ve mentioned before, blogging has changed a lot over these four years. Personal narrative blogs have been replaced with niche blogs, affiliate links, Instagram, Buzzfeed, and what I call “worldview pieces.” Readers, including myself, skirt to and from blogs so quickly that it’s hard to continue any sort of story, making it necessary to write essays that can stand alone.

Sometimes I’ll read a random blog, click around, and still wonder what’s going on. Where do they live? What do they do? Why are they always at the beach?

I thought this might be a good time to clear things up.

HELLO. My name is Kate and I like Friends reruns and sandwiches featuring complicated mayonnaise. Technically my name is actually Kathrine, inconveniently spelled without an “e” in the middle, which means a bunch of KathErines with gmail accounts get a lot of my “urgent” Old Navy emails. Enjoy the maxi dress! Now an entire 25 cents off.

I live in a small town in Eastern Pennsylvania, a day’s trip away from New York, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C.  My kids are Waylon, Eva, and Novi. My husband’s name is James but he goes by Austin. I guess both our parents liked things complicated. A few summers ago he graduated from medical school and started a six year residency in Radiology. We take things one day at a time.

This May we’ll be married eight years.

In case you are wondering about the mild home renovations referenced on Instagram, we live in a very modest three bedroom home Austin’s parents bought at the beginning of medical school. Because we rent (pay the mortgage) from them–we can make renovations as we are able. When we matched to Penn State Hershey last Spring, we decided not to move (thank you Jesus) and just upgrade a few things. So far we’ve painted everything white and bought 100 items off Craigslist. We hope to own our own home someday, but for now paying a low mortgage on a house that’s not ours is actually pretty great. If the garbage disposal breaks, I just call my father-in-law. Please don’t tell him how to block phone numbers. Chances are we’ll stay in this house through residency, which means we’ll be here a total of 10 years.

If you’re wondering what I actually look like (not just what I look like with 17 filters), here is an all natural photo I plugged into the age predictor site everyone’s been using this week.


It identified me as 12-year-old girl. Bonus: I still dress like one too.

It is worth noting this blog is no longer my first priority as I’m in the middle of writing a book, but it is still a great place to post life events, the occasional essay, or fun things from the Internet. Those Friday links used to really bog me down, but now those kinds of light posts are a happy place where I don’t have to think about where the next sentence will come from. Who would have thought curating silly tweets or finding noteworthy links to read would become a relaxing pastime. Instagram and Snapchat (for the most part) are fun too. You can find me on both at @katejbaer.

As always, thanks for reading, listening, responding, and double tapping. All the heart eye and dancing girl emojis right back at you.