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Novi Turns One

June 12, 2017

A year ago today I participated in a glorious unmedicated birth,surrounded by my loving husband, of course I was afraid of doctors negligence but thankfully I had a team of competent doctors and medical residents!!

Just kidding, the epidural failed and at one point I started yelling JUST PULL IT OUT because after 21 hours of labor, I was pretty tired. Luckily my wish came true when his shoulders got stuck (shoulder dystocia), and a resident had to press down as hard as he could on my abdomen to help push him out. Austin said he pressed so hard that you could hear an audible crunch. Luckily I couldn’t hear it over my very audible scream.

Of course it all feels a lot less horrifying and a lot more magical a year later. As crazy as it is, I would do it all over again if I could. There is nothing like the first time you meet your baby. The beginning of a love story.

Happy first birthday to the baby of the family. My little fox cub. You are the worst houseguest but we love you all the same.

Birthday Video on Youtube


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Three Years Of Eva December

December 13, 2016

Three years ago, my wild girl was born. Her dad delivered her. There was snow on the ground. Those are the things I’ll never forget.

I’ll also never forget how much she surprised me. When the boys were born, I knew them right away. Maybe it was their constant and intense need for me every second of every day (eye roll emoji), I don’t know. Eva has always been a stranger. At first it was startling, how different she was from the rest of us, but then it was the very best surprise. I’m so lucky to know her.

Happy birthday to my strong, happy girl. You make us all so much better.


More home movies.


I don’t have any sentences left, but here are 47 pictures of my infant (Novi’s First Month)

July 14, 2016

Novi is a month old this week, which is just old enough for people to start asking how I’m going to go back to writing my book while having two young kids and a newborn at home. That’s a great question, but right now I am just looking at these incredible play houses for your little ones, they are adorable! No, but seriously let me know when you find out.

So far we are okay. The transition going from two to three has been harder than going from one to two, but we persevere. If you ask me why it’s so much harder, my finger would point straight to the older two, but we don’t need to talk about that. Only 57 more days until school starts! The good news is the baby is healthy and the other two are still alive, so I count that as a win. Their toddler screams and battle cries only serve as the baby’s white noise, and from what I can tell–he will probably not be as fussy as the first one. Another solid victory.

Austin and I always joke that because we don’t go to church, we don’t have that built in system for meals when something really good or really bad happens (babies, earthquakes, etc). Which is why we are always surprised by the women who show up at our door, dropping off pans of lasagnas, enchiladas, and fresh garden vegetables. Women sending us our favorite take-out or thoughtful gifts or words of encouragement from far away. Women helping women because they know how hard this is and how these small efforts makes a big impact. People are good, church or no church. Very thankful for that.

It’s been a hard month, but a good one too.

Oh Novi, we love you so.


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When Babies Get Bigger (Evie Turns One)

December 13, 2014


Eva was born on a cold December morning. The room was quiet. There was snow on the ground.

Her dad delivered her. I pushed for ten minutes and when Austin put her in my arms, I couldn’t believe she was mine. She was nothing like what I imagined. She felt startling, heavy, so different from her brother.

I couldn’t stop staring. She was so beautiful.



One year later and I know nothing more about parenting two kids than I did about parenting one kid, except that every day is new. Just keep swimming. When you know better, do better.

First birthdays are hard. Even though we know they will grow older, get bigger, start brushing their own teeth–there is always a part of us that fights for their smallness, mourns the loss of their newborn smell. Even though we know that they won’t always lie helplessly on our chests or coo at ceiling fans, it always hurts to let go.IMG_0568

People ask what it is like to have a daughter, and I don’t really know yet. Waylon is Waylon and Eva is Eva. They are so different in every single way.

If I had to pick an adjective to describe her it would be wild. Wild and full of ernest joy. I am Marmee and she is Jo, independent from the very first breath. A bright and happy dream.


Every year when we tell her about the day she was born, I hope we remember how quiet it was. How the love we felt filled the room. How even in those first moments, I knew she was different in the very best kind of way.


We named her Eva which means life, the first woman, the creation of a soul. Her dad thought of December, my favorite month of winter. A time of magic, of heartache, of healing. A time of astounding joy.

Happy Birthday to my sweet, fierce, and joyful little girl. We love you so.



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