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PRRINT + Weekend Links

October 23, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 6.39.19 PMIf you’ve been following this blog for a few years, you know that I’ve been talking about hanging a gallery wall since I figured out what a gallery wall was.

Thanks to PRRINT, I am two steps closer with two really gorgeous prints.

If I’m lucky, this wall will be up by the time the kid’s go to college. Sometimes it pays to be picky? Don’t tell my kids. Hoping to have it finished by Christmas.

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 6.38.59 PM

From their shop I picked this flowery anatomy print and this gorgeous dahlias print to bring some color to our white walls. Shop owner Magali grew up surrounded by shop windows, fashion, crafts, and family boutiques. With partner Gabi, they are so happy to be able to give a new life to old wrecked books, upcycling their yellowed pages into a little work of art.

Also really loving this llama,  this elephant, and this bear. All only $7.99!

From Magali: As soon as I finished my art studies, I decided to open my own Shop … and what better place for it than Etsy? I felt very comfortable doing what I’ve always done, and with my partner Gabi, we created our small design studio PRRINTERS, specifically focused on Wall Art. We are a small studio dedicated to creating prints and posters, for home decoration. We have over 1500 designs inspired by antique engravings and illustrations naturalists, following the latest trends in decoration and graphic design. Some of our designs have been chosen to decorate sets of TV series like The Mindy Project*, Difficult People and the American television program Dear Genevieve.


Use the code ILOVEBLOGS for 10% off your order!

Shop + Facebook



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Happy Friday!

Como Tomo + An Instagram Giveaway Update + Weekend Links

October 16, 2015


I said I wouldn’t do Instagram giveaways until my friends and I started to win them. Seriously, we can’t stop winning. Dear Instabloggers, I am not too proud to tag my friends 642 times to win a 25 dollar gift card to Home Depot. You’ve been warned. A weeks ago I won an iFit and now I can’t stop tracking how many calories I burn walking to and from the fridge. Thanks guys. My new motto is: Everyone should get free shit.

Due to this recent thrill of winning, I’ve been hosting a few giveaways on the ol’ gram. Since this is my little corner of the Internet, I can make the rules which makes me feel like Beyonce. Here’s what I’m thinking: giveaways where you only have to follow one other shop and contests that last no longer than a few days. Simple.

You can head over there for more details. Two weeks ago we gave away my very favorite baby bottles around, and this week I partnered up with one of my favorite Etsy shops to give away some very cute kid’s clothes. Stay tuned for the next one.

Back to those bottles. When I made a list of companies I love that would make sense for this space, at the top of that list was Como Tomo because they have the best bottles for breastfeeding babies. I recommend them to everyone. After sending them a few flirty emails, Como Tomo generously gave away their starter kit which includes one 5oz bottle, two 8oz bottles, fast and slow flow replacement nipples, and a baby teether. It was pretty amazing (congrats Joy!).

If you’ve been reading this blog for a long time, you might remember my struggles with breast and bottlefeeding both times around. When Eva was born, I was determined to find bottles that would work with my desire to breast and bottle feed seamlessly. My research led me to Como Tomo and we’ve been using them ever since.IMG_2781

Easy to clean, easy to use, and babies love them. They feel just like a boob! Whenever someone asks for new baby gifts, it’s on my list of musts. You won’t be disappointed.





Happy Friday


Happy Mommy Box + Weekend Links

October 9, 2015

october+mommy+mailbox (2)//

Mommy Mailbox is a monthly subscription box designed to make moms feel appreciated and uplifted. The boxes contain 4-6 surprise gifts each month. Items are a mixture of fashion, fitness, gourmet food, beauty, home décor and art. Subscriptions start at $30/month but products in the box retail for 2-3x that. Each box is curated by a different guest blogger, who shares a piece of her style with you by including her favorite goodies.


This sweet subscription service was created by a team of three moms who left the corporate world to spend time at home with young children. They then realized how little moms do for themselves and how much motherhood deserves to be rewarded. Makes a great gift, too.

Sign up or learn more


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Happy Friday!IMG_5472

Lily Jade + Weekend Links

October 2, 2015


My very first adult lady bag arrived a few weeks ago right before we left for Maine, giving me nine whole hours to organize and smell the interior. I forgot it converted to a backpack until I actually went to use it and I haven’t used it any other way since.



One of my favorite things about adulthood is that when one of your friends buys something great, it’s totally sane and acceptable to go and buy the same thing. My friend Bethany got this bag last year (and could not stop talking about it for the love), prompting my friend Mo to get the same one, my friend Heather to get this buttery gem, and me to pick out this beauty. When we get together, it’s like Lily Jade threw a party and we just happened to stop by.



It’s not just a diaper bag either. If you don’t have kids or are past that stage in your life, it is a great bag for everyday life or to possibly look smart and mature on a plane.


Add it to your Christmas wishlist and thank me later.


PS: The Sanitized Stories We Tell + Rereading This + Growing Up Unvaccinated + Four Words + Why Time Is A Feminist Issue

Have a great weekend!


The Social Media Mom (But Seriously, What Sippy Cup?)

November 25, 2014


When you have spawn, especially young spawn, there are so many boring questions to answer. Like, are these pajamas warm enough? Should we try feeding her sweet potatoes again? Does my toddler think Daniel Tiger’s mom is nicer than me?

The problem is that even when the questions are boring and we know it doesn’t really matter–it’s easy to obsess over the answer. Analyze it from all angles. Turn sexy pillow talk into a 45 minute discussion on cold medicine.

And then every once in a while, desperation strikes and we turn into social media momsters.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 10.15.21 AM

It is so embarrassing.

Last month I spent innumerable hours of my precious time thinking about the do’s and don’ts of pacifiers. Should I let her have them out of her bed? What about the car? Am I giving her a tooth gap? WILL SHE STILL NEED A PACIFIER IN HIGH SCHOOL.

I could have been watching The Mindy Project.

As far as sippy cups go, I am sadly serious.

We skipped sippy cups with Waylon. He went straight from the breast to regular cups and water bottles and we never looked back. It was glorious.

This time around, we have a bottle fed baby who apparently needs a transition. Of course we’d love to bottle feed her like a baby lamb until forever, but I’m trying to be realistic.

So far we have these guys and this one too. I know nothing. Any to recommend?

Are you ever that social media mom?