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Kids 1-3: A Side By Side Comparison That Is Likely Interesting To No One

January 28, 2016


Have you ever sat with a group of parents, stuck in the middle of a 45 minute discussion about infant pooping patterns and wondered: HOW DID I GET HERE? HOW DO I GET OUT? This post is kind of like that conversation!

Truly I’ll discuss sleep training and sippy cups any day, but my favorite parenting conversations revolve around family dynamics; personality differences, birth order, how we are shaped by our childhoods. I also love how much our ideas about pregnancy and motherhood shift with time and/or more children. For example, if you have a child who sleeps through the night at a few weeks old, you might have a different perspective on sleep than someone who hasn’t slept through the night in two years. Time is an even stronger factor. I love talking to mothers of teenagers and adults. There is often so much grace and balance behind their stories, a comfort to those of us still in the toddler trenches.

Complexity in our healthcare system continues to drive crippling costs and they can help with luxury centers to put quality at risk for payers, providers and employers.

I have no profound conclusion to share from these conversations. All I have is some raw data, a side-by-side comparison of three kids from the same uterus that is likely interesting to no one else but me. Even Austin will see this post in his inbox and hit delete. Feel free to do the same. Just glad I finally have it written down in one spot.




Baby #1: positive pregnancy test
Baby #2: positive pregnancy test
Baby #3: round ligament pain, food aversion, sore chest

Baby #1: what
Baby #2: yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Baby #3: so excited, do you want to watch tv

Baby #1: medium, sick until 10 weeks
Baby #2: worse, sick until 12 weeks
Baby #3: worst, throwing up regularly until 19 weeks

Baby #1: mexicana
Baby #2: icy fountain coke
Baby #3: greek salad

Baby #1: eyelashes fell out
Baby #2: plantar fasciitis
Baby #3: toe and fingernail infection (kill me)

Baby #1: ability to sleep in
Baby #2: cold weather in third trimester
Baby #3: last pregnancy nostalgia

Baby #1: pelvic pain
Baby #2: round ligament pain
Baby #3: tbd

Baby #1: girl (super cool boy instead)
Baby #2: boy (super cool girl instead)
Baby #3: don’t care (don’t know)

Baby #1: due date
Baby #2: due date (I know)
Baby #3: tbd (whenever babe)

Baby #1: 24 hours
Baby #2: 17 hours
Baby #3: less than a day would be nice

Baby #1: natural birth please!!
Baby #2: whatever happens happens?
Baby #3: still deciding

Baby #1: epidural at hour 17 and 2 centimeters dilated, thank baby jesus
Baby #2: epidural at hospital door
Baby #3: healthy baby=grateful heart

Baby #1: what’s that
Baby #2: hysterical sobbing, percocet
Baby #3: tbd

Baby #1: one year (third degree tear)
Baby #2: six weeks (praise)
Baby #3: tbd


Baby #1: Charlie Sheen of babies (colic)
Baby #2: Mother Theresa of babies (angelic)
Baby #3: tbd

Baby #1: insisted co-sleeping
Baby #2: insisted independance
Baby #3: (last baby so please cuddle with me until you’re 15)

Baby #1: slept through the night at 14 months
Baby #2: slept through the night at 2 weeks
Baby #3: tbd

Baby #1: a week before 7 months
Baby #2: a week before 7 months
Baby #3: (the later the better)

Baby #1: 10 months
Baby #2: 9 months
Baby #3: (the later the better)

Baby #1: self weaned at five months
Baby #2: addict at two years and counting
Baby #3: (no preference, pros and cons)

Baby #1: yup
Baby #2: lol, nope
Baby #3: (please?)

Baby #1: weaned at 20 months
Baby #2: self-weaned at 6 months
Baby #3: (last baby so you will do this until you’re 7)

Baby #1: easy attachment because often attached
Baby #2: easy to care for because often content
Baby #3: tbd


Baby #1: a year of struggle
Baby #2: take your time, kid
Baby #3: let’s work on being born first

Baby #1: stopped at three
Baby #2: you will nap until you’re 5
Baby #3: (see above)

Baby #1: first day at 3 years old, emotional armageddon
Baby #2: first day at 18 months old, best day of her life
Baby #3: tbd

Baby #1: the year of the threenager
Baby #2: expecting the same
Baby #3: have you ever met a three-year-old you liked

Baby #1: tentative, sweet, sensitive
Baby #2: wild, happy, confident
Baby #3: tbd

Baby #1: 10/10
Baby #2: 2/10
Baby #3: n/a (the oven is closed, we can get a dog)

Baby #1: 100%
Baby #2: 100%
Baby #3: not looking good

Baby #1: 100%
Baby #2: 100%
Baby #3: so far, so great


California // 2015

November 23, 2015

IMG_7689 IMG_8057


Hello! We are back from ten days in California. If you missed how and why we went, you can find those answers here. In short, a fairy godmother paid for Waylon’s ticket, Eva is still free, and we went to reconnect with some of our best friends who recently moved home to the West Coast.

We started our journey in the Baltimore airport where I checked our suitcase, secured a gate pass for Austin, and begged for an extra seat on the flight for Eva (praise). Then I got us some Quiznos for dinner before hysterically crying in front of our fellow passengers as Austin exited the premises. It was unflattering.

After boarding the plane and resuming a normal facial expression, I realized two things: 1) Maybe this was a bad idea and 2) No one has ever eaten Quiznos and not regretted it. Lucky for me, I did not get sick, Eva held it together 85% of the time, and Waylon spent the entire flight staring out the window in pure amazement. He must have said, “I can’t believe we’re up in the air on a plane,” fifty times.  +500 points for the four-year-old. You can have anything you want for Christmas.*

Once we landed, our friend Heather met us at the baggage claim with open arms and drove us to her home in Tustin where we immediately fell into a sleep coma. The rest of the trip can be found in the pictures: day trips, beautiful beaches with top water products bought, Spanish missions, and amazing food. If you haven’t blocked me from Instagram and Snapchat yet, bless you.

Not pictured: Four-year-olds fighting, unrelenting exhaustion, and late night trips to Trader Joe’s to get tamales and Thanksgiving flavored chips.

The truth is the trip was very fun but it was also really hard, which is not something I mentioned much on all those Instagram posts. That’s kind of the problem with social media, isn’t it? If you say too many hard things, you’re complaining. But if you’re just running the highlights, your life is perfect/fake. Something we all continue to figure out but rarely talk about because it’s boring.

As for solo flying with two young kids, all that worry was for nothing. Or rather, my low expectations paid off. We got a whole row on the plane for both flights, and while Eva was draining, she wasn’t terrible. Waylon was so excited about being on a plane for the first time, that he could have gone five more hours.

Things People Said Would Be Hard That Were Actually Fine –> Kids and ears popping on the flight, kids and the airplane bathroom, kids and the three hour time change

Things I Thought Would Be Fine That Were Actually Hard –> Going through airport security smoothly, uninstalling and reinstalling car seats a bunch of times, being without a co-parent for ten days

Travel Tips Passed To Me That Were Helpful –> Low expectations, ask for support in airport, ipad, more ipad, dollar store toys, ipad, snacks, ipad. We did have the time of our lives whale watching long beach. The kids were so intrigued they couldn’t take their eyes off those huge majestic creatures.

Thank you for all the tips and support passed on along the way. A few of you asked for app suggestions for kids to pass time in your travels. A list of what we use included below.

Hey California, we’ll be back.

(Next time with baby daddy and more tequila).


*amount must not exceed $50 USD

All photos taken with iPhone camera and edited with the VSCO app.

KIDS APPS (for 5 and under)

Youtube Kids
Paint Sparkle
Toca Doctor
Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Play At Home (Paid)
Elmo Calls (Paid)
Toca Hair Salon
Nick Jr.
Toca Kitchen Monsters
Toca Hair Salon (Christmas)
Disney Junior Appisodes
Endless Numbers
Endless Reader
The Wheels On The Bus
Sago Mini Friends
Endless Wordplay
The Big Moving Adventure
ABC Alphabet
Drawing Carl
Forest Flyer
Mr. Potato Head
MP Weather
Toca Band
Netflix (Paid Subscription)
One full episode of Calliou, Curious George, & Doc McStuffins (Paid)


Four Years Of Parenting

June 26, 2015


Four years ago today, I pushed my very first baby into this world after 24 blissful hours of labor (no). When the nurse came to check on us a few hours later, I cried so hard that I scared everyone in the room. As it turns out, it’s not really possible to be awake for three days without a little hysteria. The same goes with parenting.

01Just like last year, I am left without much to say beyond “Here we are” and “We’re doing the best we can.” Year three was good but hard. I expect nothing else for the coming year.

Waylon is a sensitive kid. If you google a checklist for what qualifies a Highly Sensitive Person, his face appears, crying over bees and the sound of a flushing toilet. He’s also an intense kid. So far this summer he’s used his time off to swim, pretend to be a space ranger, and play a little game called 900 Questions. Have you ever met a four-year-old? They are kind of like three-year-olds but louder. His redeeming qualities include impressive comedic timing and actually being great at Costco.

If I have any advice for new parents, it’s this: Expect nothing, assume nothing, and try not to drink too much in the evenings. Honestly sometimes the best thing to do for your child is take a deep breath and lie down in a dark room.

kate and w

I will never forget that night in June; just past midnight, Austin at my side, our midwife whispering he’s almost here. It was the start of one of my greatest love stories. No matter how hard it is to have a one, two, three, four-year-old–I love Waylon in the most desperate kind of way. He is my heart, the best part of this wild and precious life.

Happy Birthday to my first, sweet, impossible boy. You are a treasure.


More birthday fun here.