Curated Tweets [Volume 10]

October 21, 2016



Lately // October 2016

October 3, 2016

Hi friends. It’s been awhile since we’ve talked like this, so I thought I’d pop in to say I’m still here, avoiding piles of laundry and nursing a baby who believes I’m a 24 hour milk buffet.

When I’m not working on the book (most of the time) or parenting (all of the time), here are a few things I’m up to…

1. Dog-sitting and dog-walking via Rover to make a few extra bucks. My kids desperately want a pet, but because we’re already taking care of too many humans–this is a great compromise. They get a dog for a few days/hours and I get some easy side money. This weekend we watched a sweet Yorkie who was zero hassle, zero shedding, and great with kids. It was really fun! Yes, I make sure they are great with kids first (via a meet and greet and interview) and yes, you can set parameters on everything from dog size to if they are allowed on the furniture. You can also do it as few times or as often as you want!

2. Putting out a few Q&A posts on smart women via IG + FB. I have really been enjoying these series. Partly because I’m so proud of these women I get to call friends, and partly because I get really tired of talking about myself.

3. Reading this book for entertainment and this book for book club. Has anyone else read either of these? So far I’m enjoying them both.

4. Listening to this country mashup. I don’t listen to country music very often, but I really enjoyed this mashup of classics. Dolly Parton gets me every time.

5. Keeping this open in my Internet browser to read and re-read as needed. (For any other writers who occasionally need someone to tell them to keep going).

6. Not buying go-gurts for my kids anymore and making them myself instead with these. I am not especially crunchy, resourceful, or crafty (what a catch!), but I am able to make my own sleeves of yogurt instead of paying more money for more sugar.

7. Watching this special interview over and over again. Just in case you’re one of the few folks who haven’t seen it yet.

Everything else is more of the same: kids, work, kids, repeat–with an occasional mojito and trip to NYC on the side. Waylon is loving kindergarten, Eva is enjoying preschool and being the senior on campus when her older brother is at school, and Novi is doing what he does best (attaching himself to me like a spare appendage).

Have a great week!



Planetbox + Weekend Links

September 9, 2016

My 5-year-old wasn’t eating much of his lunch at school, so I asked Planetbox if they could send one of their lunch boxes and :: POOF :: lunch disappeared. I think his food was getting lost in all the sandwich bags? That, and cucumbers look much more appealing when they aren’t covered in wet plastic (just a guess).

Official review–> Easy to clean, fun to pack, and best of all–my five-year-old is not eating pb&j every day anymore. 5/5 stars. Also, most household jobs feel like a burden to this grump, but packing lunches has always been kind of thrilling and this makes it even better.

Yes, it’s dishwasher safe.

What I got: the Rover with the rocket magnets and starry blue bag. Waylon loves it.

You can also find it on Amazon if you want it in two days with Prime (me, always).




1. Hillary releases 20,000 spam e-mails from Old Navy (made me laugh)

2. Why I decided to stop writing about my children (nodded along to a lot of this)

3. I Kissed Dating Goodbye in 2016 (remember this book?!)

4. When kids don’t need you (got me)

5. A millennial’s hierarchy of needs (lol)



Thanks to Planetbox for shipping out a lunchbox for a review.

Curated Tweets [Volume 9]

September 6, 2016


Some retweets to start our short week. PS: If you haven’t noticed, this old blog has mostly turned into a place to post fun things from the internet until the book is done or I’m dead (whichever comes first). Feel free to #unfollow if you don’t like Michael Scott memes. xo // @katejbaer

Curated Tweets [Olympics Edition]

August 16, 2016