Planetbox + Weekend Links

September 9, 2016

My 5-year-old wasn’t eating much of his lunch at school, so I asked Planetbox if they could send one of their lunch boxes and :: POOF :: lunch disappeared. I think his food was getting lost in all the sandwich bags? That, and cucumbers look much more appealing when they aren’t covered in wet plastic (just a guess).

Official review–> Easy to clean, fun to pack, and best of all–my five-year-old is not eating pb&j every day anymore. 5/5 stars. Also, most household jobs feel like a burden to this grump, but packing lunches has always been kind of thrilling and this makes it even better.

Yes, it’s dishwasher safe.

What I got: the Rover with the rocket magnets and starry blue bag. Waylon loves it.

You can also find it on Amazon if you want it in two days with Prime (me, always).




1. Hillary releases 20,000 spam e-mails from Old Navy (made me laugh)

2. Why I decided to stop writing about my children (nodded along to a lot of this)

3. I Kissed Dating Goodbye in 2016 (remember this book?!)

4. When kids don’t need you (got me)

5. A millennial’s hierarchy of needs (lol)



Thanks to Planetbox for shipping out a lunchbox for a review.

Curated Tweets [Volume 9]

September 6, 2016


Some retweets to start our short week. PS: If you haven’t noticed, this old blog has mostly turned into a place to post fun things from the internet until the book is done or I’m dead (whichever comes first). Feel free to #unfollow if you don’t like Michael Scott memes. xo // @katejbaer

Curated Tweets [Olympics Edition]

August 16, 2016


10 Great Weekend Links + Lularoe

August 12, 2016



1. How to go back to school without losing your crap.

2. Mom uniform: softest leggings and happy kimonos.*

3. Your cute wedding hashtags 20 years later (made me laugh).

4. How Seinfeld’s funniest moments came to life.

5. The liminal space before giving birth.

6. Checking this site every day for a backpack (currently using one from 8th grade).

7. Pro-life voting for a pro-choice candidate.

8. A little bug humor.

9. Grocery delivery is changing my life (options here and here).

10. Simone Biles magic.


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*PS: I’d been hearing great things about LulaRoe for a while now and finally got to test it out after my friend Melody stopped by with some of her inventory. Perfect timing for my post-baby body as nothing fits and LulaRoe prides itself on flattering clothes for every body type. What I kept: the softest leggings ever and a flattering kimono to match. Win!

To shop: LulaRoe does not have catalogs or a website you can order from as all sales are done through consultants. Instead you can join Melody’s facebook group and take a look at what she’s got! All consultants have different inventory (they can pick sizes and styles but the prints are a surprise!). The clothing comes in a limited number of prints and it is super comfortable and flattering on women of all sizes (it’s really true).

Best part: If you shop during August, you can take 10% off your first order with the code KBAER10. Cheers.

Curated Tweets [Volume 8]

August 4, 2016

Leslie Knope